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TikTok The Next Level Of Paid Ads – TikTok Paid Advertising

TikTok Paid Ads - The Next Level of Paid Media

The power of Tik Tok as a social media network has risen to unfathomable levels in the last few years. With over 2 billion downloads and 850 monthly active users globally, Tik Tok stands tall with other social media giants in the market today like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

One of the many reasons behind the massive success and popularity of Tik Tok is its format that allows innovative, creative, and bite-sized visual content to the audience.

Many options are available for businesses offering products and services in the market. However, Tik Tok is new, thriving and growing at an unprecedented pace, surpassing other social media giants on many parameters. 

So, Why Advertise on Tik Tok?

Tik Tok has a large user base that’s growing, and its user base spans 150 countries and is accessible in 75 languages. 

It offers a diverse global audience that’s highly active on its platform. Moreover, the engagement rate on Tik Tok is among the highest of any social media platform, making it a hotbed for marketers. 

With its unique features and the possibility of content going viral far more often than on other platforms, Paid Ads are a great way to reach a larger audience with minimal effort while assuring higher ROI. 

Let us enumerate why you should advertise on Tik Tok in a simplified manner –

  • Tik Tok is not just for teens, as nearly 50 to 60 percent of users come from different age demographics. 
  • Tik Tok offers unmatched international reach.
  • Tik Tok is easy to use, and starting a Tik Tok Paid ads campaign is not rocket science. Tik Tok makes it easy to create videos through its features and tools. On Tik Tok, there’s no need to be glitzy – just be original and authentic.  
  • In many ways, Tik Tok is the hub of influencer marketing. Choose from millions of influencers, and if you don’t know where to start, contact the experts at – Pioneers in influencer and Tik Tok Marketing Services. 
  • Boost brand relevance by consistently and creatively engaging on Tik Tok through regular posts, social connections, Tik Tok Paid ads and influencer marketing. It helps generate a loyal following, helping with improved brand positioning in your niche. 
  • Tik Tok only allows video content, making it a great platform for exclusive video marketing. Videos are not muted by default, and being a video-only platform; users are sure to watch and listen to your content. It means higher engagement and more hits on your call-to-action. 
  • The popularity of Tik Tok is growing, and using Tik Tok Paid Ads would surely help with brand awareness efforts. If you want to tap into the popularity and reach of Tik Tok but don’t know where to start, offers custom-tailored Tik Tok Ads Management and Marketing services. 

Benefits of Tik Tok Paid Ads

Low Cost

Tik Tok Paid Ads campaign costs far less than other social media platforms. 

You get enhanced market visibility translating into higher revenue, footfall, and brand recognition at a fraction of the cost of advertising on other platforms. 

Connect To New & Targeted Audiences

Tik Tok offers marketers the feature called ‘similar audiences,’ helping marketers channel their campaign to audience groups that fit their marketing and business strategy.

 It helps get more bang for your buck without breaking the bank. 

High Engagement Rates

As per 2019 figures, the engagement rate on Tik Tok was higher than on both Twitter and Instagram. 

Even smaller users/influencers with 1,000 followers or less enjoy an average engagement rate of 9.38 percent. It says a lot about the branding and marketing possibilities offered by Tik Tok to its users and brands. 

Local Creators

Tik Tok has one of the largest concentrations of local creators coming from nooks and corners worldwide. 

These local influencers are highly popular in their communities and provide marketing opportunities to businesses looking to penetrate and target small, local, and specific geographic locations. 

Collaborating with the influencers and starting a local campaign through Tik Tok Paid Ads will help your brand get the much-deserved recognition and visibility it seeks, and quickly so!

In-Feed Ads

One of the Tik Tok Paid Ads formats is In-Feed Ads, where you can integrate your brand’s video into the end-users ‘For You’ page. If the video is appealing, enticing, and well-made, there’s a high possibility of it going viral. 

The brands use this format to tell their brand story, product marketing, service introduction, etc. The users can share, comment, like, follow, and even use the same Tik Tok sound as your video, which offers a trickling marketing effort. 

The marketing landscape is constantly growing, and businesses need to get creative to reach out to their niche audience. Irrespective of whether your marketing budget is huge or tight, rest assured Tik Tok Paid Ads can offer results that most other social media platforms can’t match today. 

However, Tik Tok Ads Management and Marketing needs to be done meticulously to achieve business objectives and maximize ROI. This is where a Tik Tok marketing agency comes into play. They are dedicated to helping businesses tap the potential of these new forms of alternative marketing. 

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