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4 Reasons to Consider Paid Social Media Advertising

Getting brands on board with creating a digital presence has been enough of a challenge over the years and now we’re asking them to put money behind advertisements?

Hear us out.

It is relatively easy to post content on a social media platform, but it is much harder to post quality content that is consistently viewed by your audience. This is where a paid media agency can come into play.

Organic advertising might be cost-efficient, but it can’t compete with the mass outreach and engagement power of target ads and social boosting. As well as this, a boosted or promoted post helps get your content in front of more than just those who follow your pages. But these are not the only reasons for the use of paid social media advertising. Through this blog, we will

explore exactly why your brand should adopt boosted and promotional posts while calming your money worries.

Increases Brand Awareness

Promoting your products and services across social media = increasing brand awareness from the get go. Forget the likes, comments and shares these promotional posts could gain for now and understand that simply putting your content out there means that you are putting it in front of millions of pairs of eyes to see.

This brand awareness can come in many forms, such as a sponsored post or an ad in a YouTube video and oftentimes this is all you need to boost visibility. Do remember, 76% of people habitually skip ads on YouTube so if this is something you still wish to incorporate into a brand awareness campaign, then it might be wise to opt for non-skippable ads.

Higher conversion rates

Paid social media advertising can help your business generate more conversions. With the advancement in technology, there are now many free tools out there that can help you boost your conversion rate, such as Facebook Ads Manager and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Utilising these will ensure that your content is reaching people who actually have an interest in what you have to say and offer.

An example of paid social media advertising positively affecting conversion rates is through the use of filters and lenses on Snapchat. Users can promote you to others while also having fun; which is the ultimate key. Remember, social media advertising must be social. If you create content that is engaging and relevant to your brand, people will naturally remember your brand, reshare your content and recommend you to their friends/followers.

Low cost advertising

Everybody’s biggest concern; and rightfully so. The good news is that paid social media advertising can actually be a cost-effective solution for your business.

Most social media advertising models operate on a PPC (pay per click) basis which means you only pay when someone has clicked on your ad or viewed your video ad. This way, costs can be kept low by only paying when someone takes action.

On average, the cost per click for advertising on Facebook is $1.68 across all industries with food and beverage being the lowest at $0.42 per click. With low costs per click, paid social media advertising is still an efficient way to boost marketing efforts without eating into your budget.

In-depth analytics

It is every marketer’s dream to have access to an abundance of analytics and statistics and with paid social media advertising, they can have exactly this. Being able to analyse and track your performance progress will allow you to refine your social media strategy and even improve other areas of your business, as your advertisements could give you an indication of brand sentiment.