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Differences and Similarities of Using GPT Chat and Assignment Writing Services for Academic Writing

While some students are fortunate enough to receive scholarships or financial assistance from their families, thousands of others have to work multiple jobs to pay for tuition, utilities and personal expenses. On the one hand, they need to work to support themselves financially; on the other hand, they struggle to find enough time to complete their homework and numerous personal assignments.

This is where the assignment writing service comes into play to ease the burden of heavy academic workload. These services have been around for many years and have been tested by thousands of students around the world.

However, they are now facing significant competition from GPT Chat, which claims to have the answer to every question. In this article, we will compare the two services and look at their similarities and differences.

What Pros and Cons Are Most Significant About GPT Chat?

Online consumer reviews are a useful resource for assessing the quality and value of products and services. Luckily, both GPT Chat and assignment writing services have thousands of online reviews. For example, a domyessay com review can give you insight into former clients’ experiences with the assignment writing service. Like this, there are several online reviews that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using ChatGPT. Let’s discuss some of these pros and cons.


  1. What is Chat GPT? It’s writing software based on artificial intelligence. It was developed by OpenAI as a public platform that is free to use. And although the platform now has a paid subscription, the platform still has a free plan for all users.
  2. The software has simple layouts and intuitive navigation. It has one field where users have to enter their instructions or questions. After pressing “Enter”, the tool generates a response and displays it on the screen.
  3. ChatGPT generates content in seconds. The whole process of searching for information and finding the right answer takes place in milliseconds. 


  1. While speed is ChatGPT’s strength, its lack of originality is its weakness. While it may be good with numbers and facts, the software lacks creativity.
  2. Any content generated by ChatGPT can be inspected and detected by GPTZero. It is a plagiarism detection tool that checks sentence structure and text complexity to determine if it was written by a human or an AI tool.
  3. The software generates low-quality content. While it may be tempting to use ChatGPT to write assignments in a matter of minutes, you run the risk of receiving poor-quality text with incorrect information and unverified facts.
  4. To generate a response, GPT Chat uses information from its database, which has not been updated since 2021. This causes two problems. Firstly, the information is either outdated or there is no information about events that occurred after 2021. Second, the tool does not validate the information it uses. Thus, the generated content can be full of inaccurate information and unverified facts.
  5. Because ChatGPT uses information from its database to generate responses, it cannot perform tasks that require research and analysis. So, if you have a complex academic assignment, the program will not help you.
  6. When the platform is in high demand, ChatGPT may experience crashes. This means that the software is not reliable and can have technical issues at the most inconvenient times.

What Significant Advantages and Disadvantages Do Assignment Writing Services Have?

Unlike ChatGPT, which has a couple of advantages and a long list of disadvantages, any admission essay writing services has the following outstanding qualities:


  1. When requesting content, you can specify word count, plagiarism percentage, writing style, tone of voice, and formatting. The final text will meet all these requirements.
  2. Assignment writing services have a strict work ethic and only produce original copies. They provide a plagiarism report with the final work to prove that the content is 100% plagiarism-free. 
  3. Assignment writing services maintain the privacy of their clients’ identities. So, even if you use assignment writing help for your dissertation or term paper, your personal data is protected.
  4. Assignment writing services can help you with any type of homework or individual work. Their services include:
    1. Simple homework
    2. Essays
    3. Research papers
    4. Dissertations
    5. Theses
  5. Your assignment is written by a specialist who has the appropriate higher education and experience in this field.
  6. Two heads are better than one. While you may have a good understanding of your topic, assignment writing service experts will provide deeper insights into your topic you may not have considered.


  1. Since the assignments are written by humans, it takes time. You can’t get it within minutes. The shortest deadline allowed is 6 hours, depending on the complexity and length of your assignment.
  2. You have to check your task and the requirements to make sure that’s exactly what you require. The assignment will be written exactly as the requirements say. 
  3. Unlike ChatGPT, assignment writing services are not free. However, considering that students are the main users of these services and often lack money, the prices are reasonable.

What Reputation Do ChatGPT and Assignment Writing Services Have? 

Assignment help services have an established reputation in the market as they have helped thousands of students with their individual work. They have earned the trust and admiration of customers with their attitude toward work and the quality of the assignments they provide.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is a new player in the field and has yet to prove its worth. So far, the content generated by the software lacks quality, accuracy, and creativity. 

Another disadvantage of this software created by OpenAI is the character limit. While it can handle text up to 4096 characters long, the tool is completely useless for texts longer than that. By comparison, assignment writing services do not impose such restrictions.

Finally, the use of CHatGPT is already banned in several countries and academic institutions. There have been cases where students have received stern warnings for using the program to write their papers or even been expelled from the university.


AI writing can be quick and easy, but it is not suitable for academic writing. On the other hand, the assignment writing service has been tested thousands of times and has an established reputation. So be mindful when choosing a service!