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Innovations and modern technologies in truck cranes

In modern construction and industry in the UK, a truck crane–c120 is an indispensable piece of machinery when it comes to lifting and placing heavy materials, regardless of their weight and size. This makes it possible to perform tasks in modern construction and industry quickly and efficiently.

Despite the fact that the work of the truck crane is already quite effective, innovations and modern technologies are also being introduced into this equipment. It is now possible to buy truck cranes that have the following functionality/updated features.

Automation and remote control

Advanced technological solutions are presented to improve the efficiency and comfort of operation, aiming to increase the safety and controllability of crane operations. Remote control is done through wireless technologies such as radio control and Bluetooth.

Automated control systems such as autopilot and positioning systems that can automatically control crane movement and positioning, stabilisation systems that compensate for crane tilt to ensure stability in various conditions.

Equipment diagnostics and condition monitoring systems

Guarantee safety in use and also greatly simplify the diagnostic process, their operation is made by:

  1. Sensors and measuring devices such as vibration sensors; temperature sensors; pressure sensors that measure the pressure in hydraulic systems, helping to identify potential leaks or failures. 
  2. Motion monitoring systems, which can include gyroscopes and accelerometers; advanced positioning systems (GPS, TeleOp, Hispasat and Aena).
  3. Electronics diagnostics systems: monitoring of electrical parameters, diagnostics of power units.
  4. Data processing systems – systems capable of collecting data from various sensors and then analyzing them to detect anomalies and prevent failures.

A state-of-the-art solution is real-time monitoring and integration with maintenance systems that will provide information on maintenance planning and component replacement based on the data collected.

Enhanced materials and design to increase efficiency and safety

Significantly increase durability, make operation longer and resist mechanical damage. Here are a few areas to consider:

  1. Materials of construction: 
  • lightweight composites: The use of advanced composite materials for parts of the structure to reduce the weight of the crane and increase its lifting capacity.
  • strong alloys: Using high-strength metal alloys such as aluminium and titanium to improve strength and durability.
  • composite cables: Replacing traditional steel cables with lighter and stronger composite counterparts.
  1. Ergonomics and usability, intelligent safety systems:
  • Intelligent cab design: Creating an ergonomically designed cab with better visibility, comfortable seats and an intuitive operator interface.
  • Obstacle Detection Systems: Utilising sensors and cameras to continuously monitor the environment and prevent collisions.
  • Emergency braking systems: Implement automatic braking systems that react to dangerous situations and prevent accidents.

Getting the job done will be easier with additional innovations such as payload management systems, more advanced hydraulic systems, fuel efficiency, anti-corrosion technology and so on.