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Podcast Advertising Industry Still Sees Double-Digit Growth


The UK podcast landscape is witnessing a dynamic transformation, echoing global trends while carving out its own unique space in the media sphere. As we navigate beyond the COVID-19 era, the podcast industry, initially fuelled by lockdowns and increased digital consumption, is settling into a phase of consistent and promising growth.

A Flourishing Advertising Market: Central to this evolution is the burgeoning podcast advertising sector. Forecast data from projects an impressive 16% year-over-year increase in podcast advertising revenue, crossing the $4 billion mark globally in 2024. This growth trajectory signals robust confidence in podcasts as a viable and effective medium for advertisers, especially within the UK market.

From Explosive Growth to Sustainable Development: Reflecting on the recent past, the podcast industry has made remarkable strides. Global ad revenue soared by 370% over five years, jumping from $730 million in 2018 to $3.46 billion in 2023. While the UK trails behind the US and China in absolute revenue figures, it remains a significant player in the podcast advertising arena, with revenues projected to continue their upward trend.

The United States: A Benchmark for Growth: The United States, leading with 63% of global podcast ad revenue in 2024, sets a benchmark for other markets, including the UK. The UK market, though smaller in scale, is expected to witness similar patterns of growth and investment, offering valuable insights and opportunities for local podcast creators and advertisers.

Shifting Dynamics in Podcast Creation and Consumption: Notably, there’s a shift in the podcast production landscape. The number of new podcasts has seen a decline—from a peak in 2021—indicating a maturation of the market. However, this is juxtaposed with the continual rise in the podcast listener base. An estimated 50 million new listeners are expected to join the global podcast audience in 2024, pushing the total to over 460 million, with the UK contributing significantly to this expansion.

Looking Ahead: As we progress towards 2028, the global podcast industry is expected to reach $5.2 billion in ad revenue, with the annual growth rate stabilising at 4.7%. This trend suggests a market that is not only growing but also stabilising, offering sustainable opportunities for UK businesses and creators in the podcasting domain.

In conclusion, the UK podcast market, mirroring global patterns, is transitioning from a phase of rapid, pandemic-induced growth to a more stable and sustainable model. With increasing ad revenues and a growing listener base, podcasts in the UK present a fertile ground for innovation, engagement, and commercial success in the digital media landscape.