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Conversational AI Avatars Release

D-ID, a frontrunner in digital human technology, has announced the launch of D-ID Agents – innovative AI avatars capable of fluid verbal interactions in multiple languages, complete with expressive facial gestures and hand movements. This release marks a significant leap for businesses, enabling seamless integration of D-ID Agents into digital platforms to elevate customer experiences and marketing strategies through lifelike interactions.

D-ID Agents respond to the increasing demand for natural digital engagements, in line with projections foreseeing a surge in avatar-supported communication. Powered by Natural User Interface (NUI), these avatars engage users in conversations that foster mutual understanding, emotional resonance, and trust.

Leveraging Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology, D-ID Agents not only understand user environments but also deliver prompt and accurate responses, boasting an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 90% in under two seconds. D-ID’s RAG technology represents a significant advancement in conversational AI, transcending conventional language models to provide up-to-date and refined information, thereby amalgamating the strengths of chatbots and AI assistants into engaging human-like interactions.

Gil Perry, CEO and Co-founder of D-ID, commented, “The launch of D-ID Agents represents a pivotal moment in our mission to bridge the communication gap between humans and rapidly evolving technologies. Recognizing the growing importance of LLMs for enterprises, we envisioned a shift from text-based interactions to more immersive audio and video engagements. Our platform aims not only to enhance digital interactions but also to transform them into meaningful conversations that build trust and understanding between businesses and their customers.”

The transition to general availability brings forth enhanced functionalities, including advanced API options for enterprise-level customization and increased flexibility. Moreover, users can now create a D-ID Agent through the Creative Reality™ Studio at no cost for a limited time, with Pro+ plans offering voice cloning capabilities for personalized Agent voices.

Eliran Kuta, CTO and Co-founder of D-ID, added, “The enthusiastic reception of Agents during our beta phase underscores businesses’ readiness for a new era of online customer service that surpasses traditional chatbots. Today’s digital interactions demand seamlessness, intuitiveness, and authenticity, and D-ID Agents empower businesses to deliver precisely that.”

The general release of D-ID Agents incorporates key updates and improvements based on feedback from the beta phase, enhancing accessibility, end-user analytics, and language support for a more inclusive and versatile user experience. Additionally, D-ID Agents can now be seamlessly embedded and shared across platforms.

To learn more about D-ID’s Agents and to experience the future of human-computer interaction, watch the video. As part of the general availability, D-ID is offering all users 200 free sessions.

D-ID will be showcasing D-ID Agents at MWC Barcelona from February 26th-29th, with live demonstrations available at their booth located at Hall 5, Stand 5E61.