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Mastering Facebook Video Ads: Tips For Maximum Engagement

Video ads on Facebook have become an indispensable tool for brands wanting to engage with their audience. With over a third of all online activity now devoted to watching videos, it’s no surprise that video ads generate higher click-through and conversion rates than static image ads. However, creating video ads for Facebook requires more strategic thinking than simply pushing out your latest TV commercial.

Mastering the art of Facebook video ads takes research, A/B testing, data analysis and often a little trial and error. But don’t fret just yet – this article will explore tips and best practices to optimise your video ads for maximum engagement and ROI.

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Choose An Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail

A strong thumbnail acts like a movie poster or book cover, instantly drawing in viewers amongst the sea of content on their feed. But you have limited real estate to work with. Facebook video ad sizes only allow for a thumbnail image of 420 x 315 pixels on mobile or 504 x 285 pixels on desktop. This is tiny compared to the canvas a striking billboard or website header provides.

So, creativity counts when designing thumbnail images that pop. Look at the thumbnails of popular YouTube creators, and you’ll notice liberal use of contrasting colours, text overlays and close-up facial expressions that convey emotion.

For Facebook video ads, prioritise images that align with your brand identity but feel natural rather than overly photoshopped. Test the waters with a range of thumbnail options that highlight your product or convey what the video is about. This helps viewers self-select if the content resonates with their interests. The proof lies in the click-through rate, so analyse which thumbnails trigger the most clicks and engagement.

Optimise Video Length For Maximum Views

It can be tempting to pack everything about your product or service into one video ad. However, nowadays, the viewers’ attention spans are fragmented thanks to endless content just a thumb swipe away. With everything else competing for attention in the newsfeed, it’s best to craft shorter videos for maximum views.

Aim to keep your video ad around 15 to 20 seconds long. This gives you enough time to highlight your product, share a testimonial or demonstrate your service in action. But it’s short enough to feel digestible versus an infomercial-esque hard sell. If you must go longer, consider breaking up your video into a series of sequenced ads.

Also, bear in mind that Facebook video ads are shown without sound when scrolling through the newsfeed. So, the visuals need to shine through and quickly convey what you want viewers to know. You can check out several video ad examples to get an idea about the hottest Facebook

video ad trends made by brands that’ve gained high conversion rates and better watch time.

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Have A Strong First 5 Seconds

Grab their attention immediately! The opening of your Facebook video ad is make or break. You have just 5 seconds to capture interest before viewers start tuning out.

Much like a captivating movie opening scene or the first lines of a novel, your video ad needs to open strong. Try starting with an eye-catching visual related to your brand, like showing your product or service in action. Or open with an animated sequence or motion graphics to introduce what you’re advertising in a dynamic style.

You can also try opening with a bold statement or interesting question to hook viewers in. For example, “Want to know an easy trick for perfect cappuccinos?” or “What if you could travel the world for half the price?” Pique their curiosity so they want to keep watching. Nail those crucial first 5 seconds, and you’re on your way to video success on Facebook.

Write An Engaging Ad Text

The ad text you pair with your Facebook advertising acts as the crucial supporting act. Consider it the caption that gives context and sells the sizzle of your creativity.

Keep the copy short, punchy and persuasive. Get to the point quickly since people may not stop to read paragraphs of text. Use power words like “Exclusive” or “Limited time only” to create urgency. Pose intriguing questions like “Want to go on a tropical holiday every month?” Emojis can also make your copy more eye-catching.

Avoid overselling or using hype-filled language that feels spammy. Write conversationally, the way you’d speak to a friend you’re excited to share something with. Let the ad copy enhance the storytelling of your video creative. Together, they form a cohesive sales pitch that gets viewers eager to engage.

Strategically Place Your Call-To-Action Button

The call-to-action button is the key driver of conversions from your video views. Make sure it stands out! Overlay your CTA button during the final frames of the video when viewer attention is highest. Use contrasting colours like red or orange so it pops.

Keep the button text short and action-oriented – “Shop Now” or “Learn More” conveys a clear next step. Position it along the bottom or in one of the corners so it is prominently visible as the video wraps up. You can also place the CTA button next to your video thumbnail. This keeps it on screen longer versus just at the end.

Lastly, get creative and try different placements to determine what garners the most button clicks. The ideal CTA placement ensures viewers are prompted to take your desired action as

soon as the video finishes.


Mastering video ads takes time and repeated experimentation. The tips outlined above should give you a robust starting point for creating engaging video ads optimised for Facebook’s platform. Remember to track key metrics like view rate, clicks, CTR and conversion rate to refine what works overtime. With a compelling creative strategy and relentless testing, you can gain an edge and maximise ROI from your Facebook video ad campaigns.