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How to set your event stand apart from the crowd

An event stand is critical for the promotion of your brand. At an event, an event stand is one of the first things your audience will see and if it’s done well, it will draw in potential customers and they will have a good first impression of your brand. Not to mention the finishing touches that can be added when having a custom exhibition stand. 

A good event stand also shows you are organised and prepared for the event. It shows you have gone the extra mile to showcase what your brand is about and how you can help potential clients and customers going forward. 

What makes a good event stand?

There are several ways you can make a good event pop up and stand out from the others. Some of these include

  • Colours matching your brand
  • Including contact details
  • Vibrant colours that draw people in
  • A clean, uncluttered design. 
  • Enough space to showcase your product or service clearly

Keep on reading to find out more about what an event stand says about your company. 

Attention to Detail 


As mentioned above, the use of an event stand gives a good first impression to warm leads. Every corner, every display, and every interaction point has been crafted to reflect a dedication to excellence. Carefully chosen colour schemes for the seamless flow of the space could make the difference between somebody approaching your stand or not. You have visual competition when there are a lot of event stands at large corporate events.

It lets visitors know you are ready to talk to them

The use of an event stand also lets visitors know you are ready to talk to them. Visitors may be looking at your stand from afar, making the initial decision on whether to approach you or not. If the stand didn’t exist, then it is less likely that the individual will be able to make an informed decision on approaching you or not.


Brand Positioning


If you have a vibrant colour brand which strongly links to your identity, then you can extend the colours visually to your event stand. This will help you promote your company’s value proposition, competitive advantage and unique selling points. You could even include a unique promotion on your event stand to entice visitors.

Shows Transparency

Your exhibition stand functions as a physical embodiment of your company’s culture, ethos, and values. Making a well-thought-out stand design is vital to your company’s overall image, and will show you are open to talking about any element of your business. 


You could decide to include employee testimonials about how great your company is to work for, or client testimonials about results. Both of these will have a positive lasting impression on your business.

Thinking positive financially


The power an event stand has on your brand can have an impact that is very cost effective. This shows that you can positively look at your brand and introduce methods that will financially benefit your business. 

Overall, it’s clear that the use of an event stand is a good tactic to bring positive and lasting promotion for your business, as well as setting a good first impression to potential customers and clients.