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Biodiversity Net Gain: Transforming Business Practices for a Sustainable Future

The world is in a sorry state. Wars, pollution, and urban developments have left mankind’s future here uncertain. Scientists predict that if we continue living the way that we are, destruction is unavoidable. Now’s the time for developers to look into concepts like BNG, or biodiversity net gain. Biodiversity net gain is an approach to development and land management that involves leaving natural spaces in a better condition than they were found. This post will explore this topic in more detail, explaining why you as a developer or land manager need to begin thinking about BNG.

The Legality of Biodiversity Net Gain

On the 9th of November 2021, The Environment Act of 2021 was granted Royal Assent. This means that new developments must achieve at least a 10% increase in biodiversity net gain. This went into effect in November 2023. The reason that this was mandated by law was because the government is aware of how much harm developers have been doing to the environment. Many other countries are introducing similar efforts. The point of all of these is to protect the planet, ensuring that the harm we have been causing through urban planning can be minimized and ultimately brought to a halt. The good thing about biodiversity net gain is that it involves leaving spaces in better conditions than they were found, which means harm can be undone.

What Is Biodiversity Net Gain?

Biodiversity net gain, as mentioned above, is a strategy for creating and improving natural habitats. Developers have to use tools to ensure that projects achieve at least a 10% increase in biodiversity net gain. If you are interested, then explore BNG Tool or other similar services. If your projects do not have a 10% increase in biodiversity factored into them, they could be shut down by the government. You can also hire a consultant to work with you on projects, helping you to ensure that the minimum 10% is met. If you can exceed 10%, then this is much better. We collectively need to start pulling together and thinking about the environment. Continuing to ignore the harm that we have caused will only cause problems to worsen.

What Are the Benefits of Biodiversity Net Gain?

Bettering Human Health

Studies show that exposure to nature can be very good for human health. One found that people recovered from injuries and illnesses faster when they were shown nature scenes. Biodiversity net gain helps to bring green spaces to people’s doorsteps. In many parts of the United Kingdom, green spaces are hard to find. This is most common in large cities and towns. Biodiversity net gain can make green spaces more common in these places and therefore improve the lives of the people living in them.

Protecting the Environment

One of the main reasons for the BNG legislation that was introduced in 2021 was to protect the environment. Nature needs time to recover. This can only be done by enhancing existing habitats or creating new ones. Habitats need to be improved or recreated so that native species can thrive. Giving animals their habitats back is a good way to get them to adjust to climate change. It’s unlikely we will be able to make a real dent in climate change in our lifetimes, so helping animals and the environment to adjust to it is the best way to ensure that native species do not go extinct, and habitats are not destroyed.

Fighting Climate Change

Climate change is a bigger threat to the environment than it has ever been before. Carbon emissions are through the roof. Countries all over the world are doing their part to fight back against climate change. Developers can do theirs by investing in biodiversity net gain. As mentioned above, developers can get in touch with consultants and get help with projects that way. Not everybody is an expert in biodiversity net gain. A consultant can give developers the help that they need. Make sure you find the most qualified, experienced one that you can (if you plan on working with one).

Boosting Company Image

Did you know that by investing in biodiversity net gain, you can improve your company’s image? The general public has never been more concerned about the environment than they are. Environmental issues are on everybody’s minds. Showing your company cares about the environment makes you look relevant and conscientious. Too many companies seem ignorant about the environment, choosing to continuously do things that are bad for it. Make sure that you openly publicize your efforts to help protect the environment. Doing it in secret means that you are losing out on valuable PR work. You may want to consider issuing a press release where you discuss your commitments to the environment and what else you’re going to do to help prevent climate change.

How Much Does Biodiversity Net Gain Cost?

Experts believe that biodiversity net gain can be an effective way to save money. Environmentally friendly development means working with the environment, rather than against it. Sustainability is an important part of the fight against climate change. More sustainable building practices can save your company a fortune. Developers around the world are realizing this and sustainability is becoming the norm. Sustainable materials tend also to be cheaper and can sometimes regenerate, which means that builders don’t need to buy materials again and again to make repairs.

What Else Can You Do?

Biodiversity net gain is not all you can do to help prevent climate change and protect the environment. There are many other things that your business can do as well. If you are interested in investing in environmentally-friendly building practices and solutions, consider a consultant’s support. Consultants have been mentioned several times in this post already because they help uneducated and ignorant developers to ensure their building practices are sustainable and good for the planet. Make sure that in your daily life, you also adopt sustainable living practices, i.e., recycling and reducing unnecessary car journeys.

By law, you now need to incorporate BNG when you are building. If you don’t, your project could be shut down. Consider the guidance and information given here, as it will help you to approach such projects from a position of knowledge and understanding. Also, think about ways you can help protect the environment.