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What is ASO and How to Properly Promote a Mobile App

Users spend a considerable amount of money every year to purchase software for mobile devices. Marketplaces are overflowing with many applications: educational, shopping, entertainment, and others. Greater competition becomes an obstacle to rapid development and recognition among potential clients. However, ASO will help you cope with this task.

Marketing an application on your own takes a lot of work. Understanding how to promote the program and what tools to use correctly is essential. It is challenging to stand out among the many competitors. 

You can cooperate with the professionals at RadASO Agency to increase the visibility of your app. The company has provided ASO marketing services since 2020, earning a positive reputation and many satisfied clients.

What is ASO and Why is it Necessary

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a set of measures to improve a product’s position in the marketplace rankings. In this way, you can attract new audiences and improve search results. ASO goals are the following:

  • comprehensive optimization of the application page in the stores;
  • increasing the visibility of the program;
  • increasing the number of downloads of the service.

ASO marketing implies the possibility of adding text and graphic materials that will serve as advertising to promote the product.

Measures to promote the app include:

  • analyzing search queries;
  • selection of key phrases;
  • optimization of description and title;
  • design creation;
  • improving statistical performance.

The work process is continuous. Specialists constantly monitor the situation to determine the effectiveness and possible adjustments. You can solve the following tasks with the help of ASO:

  • attracting new audiences and retaining them;
  • effective highlighting of the product against the background of competitors;
  • reduction of download and installation costs due to higher positions;
  • product development due to a detailed analysis of customer needs.

ASO differs from alternative promotion options because attracting customers from marketplaces is based on crucial requests.

Main Advantages of ASO

Mobile app promotion with ASO tools is characterized by versatility. The exception will be programs that are not available for installation in marketplaces. Among the main strategies of App Store Optimization stand out:

  • it is improving your position in store search results – consumers will see your product faster if it is designed with ASO compliance;
  • organic downloads increase significantly, contributing to the relevant audience’s growth;
  • ASO optimization is one of the cost-effective ways of promotion – your costs will be much lower than if you choose paid advertising;
  • natural growth in the number of downloads favorably affects the ranking algorithms;
  • product monetization is accelerated, which is especially important for startups;
  • income grows because applications are downloaded by the target audience interested in the offer;
  • user loyalty increases since trust in search queries is higher than in third-party recommendations.

It is essential to control the process of ASO optimization. Promoting any product requires constant analysis of the situation. You must understand how well the selected tools cope with the tasks or whether adjustments are necessary. 

Therefore, hiring ASO optimization experts, like RadASO, is essential to ensure that the time and money spent will bring the required results, increasing the number of sales.