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Exploring the Features of Windows 11 Pro: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Operating System 

The Windows 11 operating system was released in October 2021, bringing numerous enhancements and features aimed at improving computer efficiency and user experience. The Pro edition, in particular, offers numerous tools to boost productivity, enhance security, and improve PC usability. From this article, you will learn everything necessary to master these tools and maximize the potential of the new system, ensuring a seamless transition when you buy Windows 11 Pro.

Updated User Interface

The first noticeable change when acquainting oneself with Windows 11 Pro is its completely redesigned interface. The Start menu is now centered on the taskbar, featuring a more concise and modern design. Although this change may seem unfamiliar initially, it aims to streamline access to frequently used applications and functions.

New features have also been introduced to organize windows on the screen:

  • Snap Layouts allow users to quickly arrange multiple windows in a convenient configuration, particularly useful for multitasking or when utilizing additional monitors.
  • Snap Groups enable the memorization of window groups, facilitating swift switching between them. For instance, users can create groups comprising a browser, a text editor, and a video conferencing application for efficient workflow management.
  • Virtual Desktops aid in task and project separation, allowing users to create distinct desktops for work, study, and entertainment that are easily switchable between them.

Enthusiasts of customization will appreciate the enhanced theme settings, the ability to use personal photos as wallpapers, and the introduction of new application icons. While Windows 11 Pro offers numerous pre-installed themes, users can also create their own color and font combinations.

Built-in Apps and Tools

Windows 11 Pro comes with several useful applications out of the box:

  • Microsoft Teams Chat is integrated into the taskbar, facilitating quick communication with colleagues and friends, which is particularly valuable in remote work scenarios.
  • Widgets provide instant access to vital information such as weather updates, news headlines, and stock quotes that are customizable to individual preferences and conveniently placed on the desktop.
  • The Microsoft Store has undergone a complete overhaul, offering an expanded selection of applications and games while simplifying and securing the search and installation processes.

Built-in applications such as “Photos” and Paint have also received updates and new features. For example, the “Photos” app now boasts a built-in video editor for creating slideshows and videos from photos and video recordings, while the updated Paint supports layer-based editing, enhancing its functionality for creative endeavors.

Productivity and Multitasking

Windows 11 Pro offers numerous tools to enhance productivity:

  • Hotkeys and gestures facilitate rapid task switching and virtual desktop navigation. For example, Win + Tab opens the task view, displaying all open applications for easy switching.
  • Voice input and speech recognition save time during text input or system navigation, allowing users to dictate text in any application and automatically converting it into written form, ideal for quick note-taking or document creation.
  • Special features cater to users with disabilities, including a screen magnifier, on-screen keyboard, and high-contrast theme settings, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  • For frequent file users, utilizing OneDrive cloud storage, integrated into Windows 11 Pro’s File Explorer, ensures access to files from any device, with synchronization capabilities ensuring the latest versions are always available.

Windows Copilot: Your Personal Intelligent Assistant

Windows 11 Pro introduces a revolutionary replacement for Cortana: the Windows Copilot intelligent assistant, based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. Here are some of its capabilities:

  • providing detailed answers to complex user queries;
  • managing Windows settings via voice commands;
  • analyzing web page content and generating annotations;
  • object and text recognition in images and videos;
  • integration with Microsoft Office applications;
  • task scheduling and reminders with device synchronization.

Constant learning and improvement characterize Copilot, offering new avenues for computer interaction. Thanks to this intelligent assistant, working in Windows 11 Pro becomes even more efficient and comfortable.

Functions for IT Administrators

For IT administrators, Windows 11 Pro offers numerous tools for managing corporate devices:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows for deploying updates and security policies across all computers in the company network. This helps maintain a unified device configuration, ensure timely software updates, and protect corporate data.
  • The Windows Update for Business service has been enhanced, offering more options for update control. IT administrators can set various update policies for different device groups and users. For instance, they can configure deferred update installations for critical systems to avoid potential compatibility issues.
  • Support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is beneficial for developers and DevOps specialists. It enables running Linux environments directly on Windows without the need for a virtual machine. This simplifies the development and testing of cross-platform applications and allows for the use of familiar Linux tools in a Windows environment.

Another significant addition is Conditional Access. This feature allows configuring access policies to corporate resources based on various conditions, such as user location, device status, and application type. For example, you can restrict access to corporate email only from managed devices located in the office network.

Windows 11 Pro is a powerful and functional operating system that helps you work more efficiently and securely. We’ve only covered some of its capabilities, but Microsoft continues to develop and improve the system with each new update.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with new features and settings; it will help you find the optimal way to work in Windows 11 Pro.