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TikTok Business VS Creator Account: What Is The Difference & How To Choose What Is Best For You?

If TikTok is a new social media playing field for you, you’re probably overwhelmed with the decisions you have to make when setting up an account. Inquiries like, “What content will you create?” and “What audiences will you aim to draw in?” may cross your mind – and narrowing in on appropriate answers may feel impossible, especially when you get to more complicated choices, like whether or not you’re going to hire a TikTok marketer… Or whether or not you’re going to establish a business/stick with content creation. 

Luckily, deciding between business accounts and personal accounts doesn’t have to be hard.

With reputable platforms like Influensly by your side, you’ll be able to distinguish which features are most beneficial to your needs, all while growing your follower base.

So let’s hop aboard the TikTok Business VS Creator Account train and get this party started. Which account type will you preferably select?

What Is A TikTok Business Account?

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If your end goal is to reach audiences, engage with users, and convert them to followers, creating a TikTok business account is the way to go. The fact that this side of the social media app also takes full advantage of marketing features is just an added bonus.

But with the pros also come cons. So before you let yourself get fully convinced that the business creative hub is the right decision for you, check ‘em out. 

Business Account Pros

●     Easy Access to Commercial Music Library → Only available via business TikTok. If you’re looking to use tunes from the music library that’re 100% safe for commercial purposes, here’s your sign. Immediate availability of 1.3 million + copyright-free tracks.

●     Included: Email Address → Personal Accounts may have access to this feature, but what they don’t have is a clickable email button. Available only to those on the dedicated business side of things.

●     Get Content Ideas & Inspiration When There’s Minimal Motivation → When the proactive thoughts start to run dry, have no fear. The Business Creative Hub is here! Upon entrance, you’ll get access to free resources, community-driven tips, and more to sharpen your brainiac pencil and draw TikTok users in.

●     Use Advertising Tools to Put Ads Live → Instead of using 60 second videos backed by content creation to convince followers to buy your products, take the easy way out! Clue into Spark Ads and TikTok Shopping Ads, launch successful campaigns, and target the right audiences so that your stuff can expand its current reach.

●     Create Useful Autoresponders → We know what you’re thinking: isn’t this an impersonal way to respond to prospective buyers? Not at all, primarily if you treat it as an “I got back to my peeps” tool. Make sure you reply later and use the “Auto Message” as the initial acknowledgment. 

Business Account Cons 

●     You Won’t Have Access to Non-Commercial Audio → Here comes legality; with Business Accounts, you won’t have full access to TikTok’s music library. That means you’re limited when it comes to trending sound selections. But at least you won’t get in trouble with copyright infringement, right?

●     You’ll Have Just a Few Duet & Stitch Options →Limited sounds from our previous bullet also means limited Duet and Stitch features on some posts. Why? Because they’re linked, certain noises conjoin themselves with certain D&S features. Sadly, D&S is a perfect way to grab users’ attention.

What Is A TikTok Personal Account?

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A term you might often see in reference to a personal TikTok account would be a content creator account. The two are interchangeable.

Thankfully, personal accounts don’t come with that many limitations. You can still become verified, grow followers, and partner with brands you admire. 

To give you a little more information, we’ve listed some knowledgeable pros and cons just like we did with the business accounts above. 

Personal Account Pros

●     The Grand Audio Library → Full access to popular songs, trending bytes, and any available audio clips on the TikTok app. This can be considered the biggest perk of signing up for creator accounts. Utilization bonuses and ability to create authentic sounds? Sounds like a dream.

●     Stitch & Duet Capabilities → As previously mentioned, TikTok business accounts don’t have free reign over the Stitch & Duet feature; they’re limited and dependent on inherent sounds due to copyright reasoning. As a creator, you have the lay of the land to add content to stories, react to influencers’ videos, and give your opinions on different brands.

●     Easy Access to TikTok Analytics → Is this feature different for TikTok account types? Nope, both business and creator accounts have access. However, analytics are only available to business accounts in other social media apps like IG & FB. Luckily, you can still check your audience reach and engagement if you’re rolling with a personal.

●     Prospective Eligibility to Join TikTok Creator Fund → What’s “The Fund”? As a TikTok user and content creator, you can use the TT Creator Fund to start earning account revenue. You’ll often be incentivized to create excellent content and expand your earnings. 

Personal Account Cons

●     No Permissions to Add Website to Profile → If you sign up for a TikTok business account, you’re automatically given the rights to a website link in your bio. The same is not true for creator accounts; a website link is only approved once the account has hit upwards of 1,000 followers.

●     Limited Brand Awareness through Algorithm → As a content influencer on the creator side of TikTok, you don’t have easy access to advertising. That means that your brand awareness solely relies on the inherent algorithm of the app. Which means whatever you’re filming, editing, and posting has to be good to earn likes, comments, and shares. 

How to Narrow in on the Right Decision for You

Before we hand over some valuable insight on choosing between TikTok business accounts and creator accounts, we want to inform you on one little important fact: As TikTok users, you can switch between the two. 

Though that may not be the most wise decision, it’s still an option. In hindsight, it would be best to focus on the following

TikTok Personal Account is best for public figures, individual creators, and those promoting a personal brand. 

TikTok Business Accounts are best for businesses that don’t use a personal brand strategy or need fancier advertising options.

If You’re Interested in Switching…

The process is relatively simple. Follow these steps to transition from a personal account to a business account:

  1. Tap the “profile” button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the 3-lined menu icon at the top right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Tap “settings and privacy” and click into “account at the top of the Settings menu.
  4. Scan down the list and press “Switch to Business Account.”
  5. Tap “next” on the next few screens; a few tips and tricks will appear to guide you through the beginning process.
  6. Here, you’ll want to select the category that best represents your business account. Once selected, click “next.”
  7. You’ll be redirected to a screen; fill out the required information, like the business email address so that customers know how to contact you directly.
  8. Add a biography if you have one ready. Be sure to keep it quick and clean; you’ll only be allotted 80 characters.
  9. Tap “maybe later” or upload your very first video to go live.

Tip: If you go to that 3-lined menu icon again, you’ll be able to access TikTok analytics, TikTok ads manager, Creative Hub, the commercial music library, and more. 

If you’re on the other side and need to transition from business to to creator accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the 3-lined menu icon, as previously mentioned.
  2. Tap the “settings and privacy” tab and head into your “account.”
  3. Click on “switch to personal account.” A screen will come up confirming your decision. If you want to follow through, tap “switch anyway.” If you want to think about it a little while longer, tap “cancel.” 

You’re now back on the personal account side of things and can access creator tools that you weren’t able to before.

Additional FAQ Questions & Answers You May Want to be Aware Of…

Both business accounts and personal accounts have their pros and cons, as we’ve clearly seen above. But outside of the perks and downfalls, there are other additional details to consider that may not lend themselves towards the positive or negative. Check ‘em out below.

Does a business profile get your more views on TikTok?

Not necessarily. In fact, there’s zero evidence that business views are higher than personal TikTok accounts. You see, views are mostly influenced by the inherent algorithm. That means that content quality, user engagement, and relevance determine how many views your video may or may not get. 

Do you have to pay to transition from a personal account to a business one?

Absolutely not. Both types of accounts are 100% free, whether you initially start with one or choose to later transition. No money is required. 

Can you team up with influencers on either account to grow your brand?

Though it’s entirely possible to team up with influencers on either platform, the business side makes collaborations much easier through the TikTok Business Center

What are some tips you can adopt to make a business account more successful?

The three primary ideas to keep in mind include: 

  1. Optimization → Use professional photos, captivating bios, and company logos in the TikTok profile. This will prioritize credibility and draw attention across the platform.
  2. Consistency → The best content strategy stays consistent across all social medias. Repost and cross-promote to increase the reach of every post.
  3. Audio → Copyright-free music is all you’ll have access to, so you have to make it count. Look for suggestions that are high on the trending list and apply sound accordingly. 

What are some tips you can adopt to make a TikTok personal account more successful?

The three primary ideas to keep in mind include:

  1. Gifts → Gifts and Diamonds are monetary gifts that viewers can send to you when you’re live in a video. If you have a hefty following, provide relevant information, and encourage positive feedback, you could be apt to receive such offers.
  2. Tips → Only available if you enable the feature, this successful perk lets followers tip you directly. If you’re trying to increase earnings, we’d definitely say activate this option ASAP.
  3. Privacy → Though going private may reduce the amount of followers’ requests, it can also grant you brand stability to approve and deny new users. Sometimes, being able to control your audience is beneficial; especially if you’re trying to wean out negative feedback. 

All in all, deciding between the two TikTok avenues is a personal decision. If you’re trying to expand your brand and make a name for your company, business is the right route to take. If you’re trying to create content and socialize with the app’s community, personal is the right route to take. 

You may even find reasonings to sway you towards one over the other. But if you’d like our opinion… We’d say to weigh the pros and cons. Make a consecutive decision after thinking about it for a little while. And always lean on reputable, go-to sources like Influensly to achieve the highest of success rates. Good luck in your decision making! You got this.