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Capscan reveal disconnect between perceptions of customer data and quality management process within organisations

by on August 4, 2012

Capscan, a leading global supplier of international data quality management (IDQM) and customer registration solutions today reports the findings of its 2012 Data Quality Management (DQM) survey.

The independent research reveals that whilst organisations are aware of the commercial benefits of high-quality customer contact data and the negative impact of poor information, almost half of the 291 respondents (40.9%) stated that their organisations don’t have an enterprise-wide DQM strategy.

The full results will be published by Capscan in a new whitepaper entitled ‘Data Quality Insight’, which can be downloaded for free at:


“How to drive conversions with intelligent email marketing” – infographic

by on August 4, 2012

Infographic of the week. E mail is alive and well as a proven inbound marketing channel, and converts better than both search and social.

Are you happy with your inbound marketing so far this year? Is it generating results?

If not - you should seriously consider the 'View from the Top' plan from theMarketingblog. “Influential brand profiling and positioning from targeted social media journalism”. Contact Will Corry, the UK Brand Journalist 01784 434 412 . Call today your time will be very well spent.


What’s in it for me? – The trade-offs we all make / Jeff Deighton, insight engineers

by on August 3, 2012

Jeff Deighton of insight engineers writes ... As the current rumblings over empty Olympic seats, the ‘fit’ of various sponsors to the Olympic brand and ideals, and the widely anticipated worries over whether the infrastructure will be able to cope suggest, there’s no pain without gain.

For those attending any of the events, a degree of trade-off has played its part.

I’m sure for most people, being part of history will outweigh any inconvenience, discomfort (physical or philosophical), or expense. [more…]

“It’s the age of the customer and Inbound Marketing is key to successful customer engagement”

by on August 1, 2012

Aprimo®, a Teradata company and a global leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software, today shared that weakening outbound marketing methods see marketers looking to inbound techniques to improve ROI. Yet only 4% say they have fully integrated real-time inbound methods into their sales and marketing initiatives based on Aprimo’s latest research.


Research : Constant Contact survey reveals that small businesses need help evaluating social media marketing success

by on August 1, 2012

Are you one of the small businesses that overestimate what is needed for successful Facebook marketing?

A new survey from online marketing tools provider Constant Contact®, Inc. indicates a strong disconnect between British small businesses’ perception of social media marketing success and the reality.

Among the one quarter (24 per cent) of British small business decision makers surveyed that report using Facebook™ to market their organisation, more than a third (37 per cent) say they don’t think it has helped their business in any way, and only one fifth (21 per cent) believe they are doing a great job using Facebook to market their business. The data reveals several misconceptions that help to explain these attitudes, and shows that small businesses are actually doing a better job than they think.


Women for Women – A ‘Moral DNA Test’ Reveals Women Are More Honest Than Men

by on July 30, 2012

Recent research by a leading philosopher has revealed that women are more moral than men – and it's ladies over 30 who are the most honest.

The study, by professor Roger Steare, based its conclusion on a ‘Moral DNA test’ which 60,000 participants from 200 countries completed in a bid to test their moral levels.






“The pleasure we get from listening to music is driven by our love of exercising our expectations in a safe and satisfying scenario” / Dr Vicky Williamson

by on July 28, 2012

Dr Vicky Williamson writes ... Recently a new Tesco Metro appeared near to where I live. They seem to be everywhere nowadays. I still prefer to visit my local shop for a bottle of milk (customer service like Mr Lees’ is hard to find) but yesterday I decided to nip into the new store on my walk home from work for a poke around.

As soon as I walked in I was struck by a feeling of familiarity. Even though this was a brand new store, I knew where everything was; I knew whereabouts different goods would be located, where special offers would be, where prices could be quickly found and how to approach the till area. It was all eerily familiar. [more…]

“What do you want from an agency?” / Glow Labs

by on July 26, 2012

The Results are in… Results are king

Digital agency, Glow Labs wanted to create an engaging, interactive stand at Marketing Week Live by asking delegates: "What do you want from an agency?" The poll ran at both the recent, London event and online. The question attracted answers from many of the UK's best known brands, including: British Telecom, Mencap, O2, T Mobile and Mars Drinks.

So what do businesses and brands really want from their agencies in 2012? [more…]