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Retailers – How much profit will you make tomorrow…? With Forecaster we can show you

by on January 21, 2015

Retailers to have “crystal ball” for online campaigns via new predictive analytics platform

Tells retailers most profitable way to spend online ad budgets based on factors including weather, TV ads and location; improves margins up to 900%

Retailers now have access to a “crystal ball” which shows where and how to spend online ad budgets to deliver the greatest profit – through the launch of a predictive analytics platform from online retail specialists,@summitmedia Summit.


FIAT- Outdoor guerrilla projections that lit up the night sky / Hotcow

by on January 17, 2015


14 brilliant outdoor ads from 2014

by on December 18, 2014


Outdoor : Brilliant Billboard from the @MetService promoting real time weather

by on November 29, 2014


Inside track : Promoting your online business with Twitter

by on June 3, 2014