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Movers and Groovers : Exponential Interactive appoints Doug Conely as chief strategy officer

by on March 11, 2014

VP of product strategy and operations promoted to help activate advertising intelligence and digital media solutions across media and devices.
Doug Conely has been appointed as chief strategy officer at Exponential Interactive, the global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions.


Research from Nielsen: Internet ad spend up 32% globally, TV up 4%

by on January 27, 2014

London, 27 January 2014: According to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report,display Internet, outdoor and television advertising saw the greatest increases in spend throughout the first three quarters of 2013 compared to the same period the year before.
Display Internet ads, although measured in a smaller subset of countries, grew by more than 32 percent in the first three quarters of 2013 compared to the same time period for the year before. Internet ads are playing a crucial role in growing multi-screen advertising campaigns, which are expected to grow to 50 percent of ad budgets in the next three years. If the medium’s rapid growth is any indication, marketers projections are on the money. 


Research from Nielsen: European ad spend rallies but still down -3.8%

by on January 22, 2014


Down 0.4% in Q3 alone but down 3.8% across first three quarters of 2013

London, 22 January 2014: Global advertising spending rose 3.2 percent in the first three quarters of 2013, also rising 3.2 percent in the third quarter of 2013, according to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report.

The embattled European ad market experienced a slight reprieve in the third quarter, with only a small decrease of 0.4 percent year over year for the third quarter. This contributes to a 3.8 percent fall when looking at the first three quarters of the year. As anticipated in our second-quarter 2013 report, the negative trends in Europe’s advertising market finally appear to be bottoming out.


IAB Research : In 2013, UK consumers made 150 million purchases via affiliate websites – three for every British adult – totalling £13 billion

by on January 21, 2014

Advertisers spent £1 billion on “Online Performance Marketing” in 2013; up 15% on 2012
Generates £14bn in sales, equals £14 for every £1 spent
4 in 10 Britons online a month visit a price comparison site
London, 21 January, 2014: UK businesses spent £1 billion on affiliate marketing and lead generation activities in 2013, 15% more (on a like-for-like basis) than in 2012, according to the second annual Online Performance Marketing study conducted by PwC for the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB).
This generated £14 billion in sales via price comparison, voucher, cashback, loyalty and product review websites – the most common forms of Online Performance Marketing (OPM). This represents a return of £14 for every £1 invested by advertisers. 


MoneySuperMarket hires Meetrics to address online ad visibility issue

by on January 13, 2014


Testing phase to optimise ad visibility sees 37% increase in ROI

London, 13 January 2013 – MoneySuperMarket, the UK's leading price comparison website, has appointed Meetrics to address the increasing issue around online ads being served but never seen – a consequence of the rise in the automated buying and selling of online advertising.

Meetrics will help improve the percentage of online ads – bought by MoneySuperMarket through programmatic trading – that will actually be viewable on a webpage. Meetrics is at the forefront of the “ad visibility” issue having proved around 30% of online ads served are never visible, thus, wasting a significant proportion of advertising spend.


Research / IAB: Banking and text messages top mobile privacy concerns

by on November 26, 2013

Mobile banking and content of text messages ranked ahead of app and internet usage as top mobile data privacy concerns for UK smartphone owners

• 75% of smartphone owners want companies to be really clear about the data they hold

• 39% of smartphone owners would expect many mobile services to disappear without advertising [more…]

Breakthrough Breast Cancer appoints STEEL London for integrated digital campaigns

by on November 16, 2013

London, 15 November, 2013: Breakthrough Breast Cancer has chosen STEEL London as its retained digital agency, which will work alongside the charity to implement fully integrated digital campaigns.

The decision follows the launch of the charity’s new 10-year strategy, which focuses on stopping women getting and dying from breast cancer.
Breakthrough Breast Cancer was looking for an experienced strategic partner to ensure their communications and information are used in the digital space to maximum effect and targeted to people affected by breast cancer. [more…]

Research : Tablets & mobiles account for nearly a third of visits to youth websites / w00t! Media

by on November 13, 2013

Contact w00t! Media

London, 13 November 2013 – almost one third (31%) of visits to youth and young-adult focused websites in the first half of 2013 came from tablets and mobiles, according to new figures released by youth entertainment & lifestyle sales house w00t! Media.

w00t! Media measured over two billion visits to youth/young adult (16-34 year olds) entertainment and lifestyle websites between January 2012 and June 2013 to see which devices were being used to access the content. The sites measured are visited by almost 9.4 million unique UK people – over a fifth of Britons online – according to comScore unduplicated data.


Mobile campaign drives 2,370% rise in traffic to Debenhams Beauty Club Awards

by on November 7, 2013

Over 40% of votes cast by mobile; key to success “moving beyond Facebook”
Results in record 5,000 new signups for Beauty Club Cards
STEEL London’s campaign wins bronze award for ‘best use of digital in retail’

Movers & Groovers : Exponential Interactive appoints APAC managing director John McKoy as Chief Revenue Officer

by on October 29, 2013

London – 29 October 2013 - Exponential Interactive, the global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions, today announced John McKoy as Chief Revenue Officer. Formerly the managing director of Asia-Pacific, McKoy transitions into his new role from within Exponential Interactive to manage all of Exponential’s revenue producing, external facing teams in the US and globally.

“By combining some of the most advanced audience targeting and optimization solutions with compelling and engaging ad experiences across display, video and mobile, Exponential Interactive has separated itself in the advertising intelligence space. Now the mission is to take those solutions to advertisers and agencies so they can gain the maximum benefit. It's an enormous challenge in such a competitive and complex landscape, but one that's a privilege to take on,” said McKoy.