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Research : Modern marketers spend up to 80% of their time analysing data

by on September 28, 2016

Marketers spend up to 80% of their time analysing and interpreting data. That’s according to the Mythical Beasts of Marketing “storybook” report from international marketing technology brand BlueVenn.

The report, which incorporates research from over 200 UK and US marketers, reveals the attitudes and challenges faced in today’s data-centric marketing landscape. Amongst the key findings, the report revealed that 99.5% of marketers are now attempting to analyse their customer data, yet nearly 1 in 5 do not have the appropriate in-house tools needed to undertake this task fully. [more…]

Movers and Groovers : Emotion measurement tech company hires leading US government data scientist

by on August 26, 2015

A senior data science leader at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has joined Realeyes, an emotion analytics platform that measures how people feel and react when they watch video content.