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Programmatic / TV and online ads to be synced via new programmatic offering

by on December 3, 2014

Infectious Media integrates new programmatic platform enabling online ads to be served in sync with TV ads

Taps into consumers’ dual-screening habits by triggering display ads to run within milliseconds of TV ads

Infectious Media, @Infectiousmedia the programmatic specialist, has integrated TV synchronisation capabilities directly into its programmatic platform to allow digital display ads to be automatically coordinated with TV ads.Online ads will be deployed programmatically on desktops and tablets within milliseconds of a TV advert appearing.

This allows brands to reach audiences across dual screens, maximising the impact of their TV investments. The technology is able to establish the right time to deploy ads by tapping into a commercial database containing information on TV slots for over 2,000 channels, across 60 countries.


Movers and Groovers : Infectious Media hires new data science & analytics chief to drive real-time advertising

by on June 3, 2014

Infectious Media, the real-time advertising specialist, has appointed Dr Roy Rosemarin to the newly created role of Head of Analytics and Data Science.

Dr Rosemarin will report to the COO and be responsible for the strategic development of advanced machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques to drive the efficiency of the company’s proprietary bidding technology. He will also lead a cross-functional team tasked with expanding client insight.

Dr Rosemarin joins from the finance sector where he held various roles within the data science field. His ad tech experience stems from time spent at Adfonic, where he designed a system for buying adverts based on predictions of user behaviour and yield management strategies. [more…]