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by on January 20, 2015


“B2B marketers are struggling to create content that actually drives results” – is this you?

by on January 1, 2015


Have you ever created a piece of content and wondered why it’s not generating any traction or buzz? Have you taken the time to write more than 1,000 words or create a slide deck to only be met with poor results?
Now before you start coming up with excuses, let me tell you that you’re not alone.


B2B Marketers : Get 2015 off to a flying start with your own bespoke newsletter

by on December 27, 2014


B2B Survey : “Social media held up as most effective channel – 79% rated it as effective (vs. 64% 3 years ago)” / Omobono

by on September 11, 2014

Social media is the most effective digital marketing channel in B2B, but marketers struggle with the demands it makes on them, new research reveals

  • Social media held up as most effective channel – 79% rated it as effective (vs. 64% 3 years ago)
  • But only 16% of B2B marketers are confident in their ROI measurement
  • There is a digital skills gap in B2B marketing: 7/10 say their team lacks necessary digital skills


Important information for B2B marketers : Check anti-spam laws in Canada / E-GOI

by on September 1, 2014


Infographic / Can LinkedIn be a powerful lead gen tool for B2B marketers?

by on April 2, 2014

This fantastic infographic from Oktopost illustrates how LinkedIn can be a powerful lead gen tool for B2B marketers. Some of the key points from the graphic are:

  • The vast majority (86%) of lead conversions on LinkedIn originate from discussion posts.
  • 1/3 of these posts end with question marks, meaning that answering questions is a valuable tactic for lead gen.
  • The average length of the posts that convert is 248 characters, meaning concise and professional beats long-winded and rambling any day of the week.
  • And of course, LinkedIn leads the way with 80% of all B2B social media conversions.  Here’s the full infographic:


Important message for B2B marketers : “Get really serious about writing new business in the second quarter of 2014”

by on March 21, 2014

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Important news for B2B marketers in the Reading area / Madejski Stadium Events

by on March 17, 2014


Important news for B2B marketers : Have you heard about the Test Marketing ‘that you can win with’ in Reading

by on March 15, 2014

Test Marketing ‘that you can win with’ in Reading

Jon Davey writes .. So what are your thoughts on exhibitions?  Have you tried the potential for business at one? What about content marketing?  Do you scribble a blog?  Email marketing?  Or do you just let all your leads land in your lap magically from the ether?

I’ve just been having a natter with Will Corry who runs a website called TheMarketingblog … He gets over 34,000  visitors a month checking his stories, articles etc…

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Marketers : Want to write a big chunk of new business this year?

by on January 28, 2014

If we could show you a way of getting qualified results / leads for your sales force early in 2014 would you be interested?

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