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I’ve found Giant iTab fascinating,” Greg Hands, International Trade & Investment Minister

by on June 4, 2017


Using @TheGiantiTab for guest check in at @LittleCityOrg #Foodfrenzy17

by on May 6, 2017


“Leading the way in client engagement – Giant iTab”

by on May 6, 2017


Showcase your digital & mobile content with this award winning technology. Run all of your apps, content and media off our unique giant smartphones.


Perform app demonstrations on a giant scale .. Giant iTab

by on April 8, 2017

giant iphone and ipad rental for events

Touch screen kiosks provide the perfect opportunity for event exhibitors to demonstrate apps, websites and branded content on a large scale. Large touch screens allow you to perform group demonstrations as opposed to single user walkthroughs on mobile devices.

For those looking for the best of both worlds,  the Giant iTab is a touch screen kiosk that looks and acts exactly like a huge smartphone. You can load iOS and Android apps, so users can interact with all their favorite apps (AND the event app) on a giant phone. [more…]

Great to hear our #giant #smartphone is drawing the crowds … Giant iTab

by on March 30, 2017