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Who is the hot ad girl in the Best Buy “Twas” holiday commercial?

by on November 17, 2013

Q: Who is the hot girl in the Best Buy “Twas” holiday commercial?  A: Alisa Allapach


Alisa is an LA-based actress, who appeared in “The Hangover”. Alisa was also a competitive ice skater. Here’s Alisa IMDb page and demo reel. [more…]

‘Unstores’ / How mobile is changing retail to create a new type of store / Mark Brill

by on November 16, 2012

The rapid uptake of smartphones has had a significant impact in retail.

Many stores are seeking ways to combat ‘show-rooming’, where consumers browse in-store and then buy elsewhere on their mobile. Some, such as Best Buy are simply matching online prices, others such as Macys and Toys-R-Us are creating a more immersive app-based experience to win their customers on the service side. [more…]