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Big Brands vs Budget Tech

Big Brands vs Budget Tech

by on December 18, 2018

In the run up to Christmas, the big brands are working like crazy to persuade us to purchase their version of the latest tech.

However, with big brands often come even bigger price tags, causing some people to search for instant credit to get that must-have gadget in time to put it under the Christmas tree.


Myths about social media marketing everyone must know

Myths about social media marketing everyone must know

by on April 16, 2018

Social media marketing is the newest marketing solution that has proved effective to brands in diverse specialties.

It is projected online marketing will surpass traditional channels by 2020 and part of the marketing activity will be through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

With social media marketing gaining traction at a fast pace, there have been myths surrounding the whole industry that have prevented upcoming businesses from reaping the benefits of social media marketing. [more…]

The big brands have spoken: quality not quantity comes out on top … Hannah Campbell

by on March 21, 2016

By Hannah Campbell, Operations Director at The Work Perk

A statement made last month by the CEO of Coca-Cola, Muhter Kent, indicated that the company will be shifting focus to the quality of its marketing messages rather than the volume of campaigns it rolls out.

In the past, the drinks behemoth has typically disseminated a pretty persistent onslaught of marketing messages, but has now made the decision to change tack in order to “enhance customer relations, build stronger brands and improve the quality of the marketing we are carrying out.”

This raises the question: why is a global brand such as Coca-Cola looking to change its marketing strategy? The answer lies in what consumers have come to expect from marketing in recent years. With consumers now more digitally engaged than ever before, brands must consider their messaging and the channels they use to engage with consumers.