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Bizzabo tell us how printed t-shirts helped them get noticed – and how they generated leads

by on March 24, 2015

The @Printsome team write .. Here are some T- shirt ideas that work.

Obviously, T-shirts are fun. No doubt you have a collection- from past events, fun runs, organizations you joined, and those free ones someone was handing out at the mall that one time. But with the right design, message, and strategy, you can really put a cool company t-shirt to work for you.

Several weeks ago I attended an event industry conference with a few of my colleagues from Bizzabo. As a young company helping event organisers create an event app and a networking platform for their conference, it was important to us to have our voice heard and to stand out among this huge crowd of event planners. [more…]

See you next week! – A special invitation – be social and join our event networking community / SMX London : Next week 13 & 14 May

by on May 7, 2014

Join our event community!

Working the room shouldn't feel like work, JOIN US, we don't bite!

To maximise your conference experience we invite you to join our event networking community (powered by Bizzabo). It's available from your computer, tablet, iOS and Android devices.

  • Plan who to meet - Join the community, see who's attending and pinpoint potential connections.
  • Socialise - Communicate with fellow attendees and connect with them on your social networks.
  • Stay up to date - Browse the agenda and mark your favourite sessions.

Working the room shouldn't feel like work we don't bite!

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