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4 necessary things you need on your business trip

4 necessary things you need on your business trip

by on August 23, 2019

Preparing for a business trip can be a tiring and overwhelming experience, especially since you don’t want to over-pack, or worse, forget anything.

While you might be excited by the prospect of meeting new people and seeing a different state or country all the while advancing in your field, the packing part is a bit of medieval-type drudgery that needs to be done properly and mindfully.


Business travel / Have you done your planning for a successful business trip?

by on May 13, 2013

Travelling for business purposes is entirely different from travelling on holiday or for leisure. Holiday travels provide a great opportunity for you to relax, explore your destination and take in the local culture.

Business travel on the other hand is typically more hectic with a tight work schedule dictating your time. As the world has become ever-increasingly integrated and globalised over the past decades, we have seen a rise in number of national and international business trips.

When travelling for work, you should always be aware that you are representing your company and therefore should uphold a professional and corporate image for the duration of your trip. [more…]