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Simple ways to improve your email marketing campaigns

Simple ways to improve your email marketing campaigns

by on April 23, 2019

Emails are a fantastic method of digital marketing that is used by thousands of businesses on a daily basis.

With so many emails being sent out regularly, making sure that everything about your email is intriguing and formatted well enough for the receiver to open and read it is essential.

To ensure that you are getting enough from this promotional method, here are some simple ways to improve your email marketing campaigns.


The call to action in business and marketing

The call to action in business and marketing

by on December 23, 2017

Have you noticed the rise recently of the “call to action”?

It’s absolutely everywhere at the moment and it seems to be a marketing bandwagon that all kinds of businesses are jumping on. So what exactly is it and is it actually working?

The “call to action”, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, is exactly what it sounds like. In common with many terms that become buzz-words or buzz-phrases in business and marketing, it’s more or less just as straightforward as you think. In this case it’s calling the customer to act, usually to buy a product, call a number, send an email or whatever it might be. [more…]

Tips for Zero Budget Marketing, from DesignCrowd

by on February 23, 2014

Zero Budget Marketing: Do more with less

By Josephine Sabin, Marketing Manager for  startup DesignCrowd

Many marketing strategists still believe that you need a large budget to strike it big, in consumer reach terms. $4 million will buy you a 30 second ad spot during the Super Bowl. Or for a little more bang for your buck you could plaster your company logo across a bus for a month or hire an oversized highway billboard begging to be recognized.

Startups don’t have the budget to go to these extremes, and let’s face it, do you remember what this morning's billboard on your way to work was promoting? It's time to ditch traditional marketing approaches.