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Small online retailers competing with High Street giants with Click & Collect

by on October 19, 2016

With more than 300,000 instances every day in the UK, the problem of missed deliveries is a growing headache for online retailers facing escalating costs. Perhaps more importantly, however, inconvenient delivery options are also having a direct impact on conversion rates at checkout, as studies1 reveal that 48% of basket abandonments happen as a result of insufficient delivery choice. [more…]

Fulfilling customer promise / Daniel Martin, Head of Retail, Maxymiser

by on July 15, 2013

Delivery and fulfilment has become the new online retail battle ground. From the explosion in Click & Collect to Amazon’s plans to offer same-day delivery in some US cities, the speed of fulfilment and range of delivery/ collection choices is fast becoming a critical differentiator for the retailer.

Changes to the free-shipping threshold and the profile of Click & Collect can have a significant impact on consumer behaviour. However optimisation is not just about understanding how to present or price delivery options; it is about ensuring expensive investments in new logistics services and processes are working and reflect customer demands. As Daniel Martin, Head of Retail, Maxymiser, explains, the ability to test new processes and delivery options in real time is becoming increasingly key to tracking the development of new logistics models. [more…]

Maxymiser White Paper / Optimizing Multichannel Retail – it’s here, complex and when right extremely rewarding

by on June 9, 2013

Maxymiser White Paper: Retail

After years of debate, the era of truly synergistic multi-channel retailing has arrived. While Wal-Mart plans to use its 10,000 retail stores to fulfil online orders, following the Amazon Locker model, Amazon is reported to be opening its own bricks and mortar stores or creating partnerships with existing retailers to respond to customer demand for support and direct access to goods.

Add in the rapid evolution of mobile retail from research to transaction and the concept of the totally integrated retailer is being realized. [more…]

Tesco fighting for price consistency

by on March 4, 2012

Consider a customer buying a product online at one price and collecting it in-store where it is priced differently, and then to top it all refunds are required.  Such hot topics will undoubtedly be under discucssion at the forthcoming Internet Retailing Expo on March 21-22.