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Special Newsletter Offer : 3,000 FREE email credits per month and everything you need to create & send stunning emails / Email Magnet

by on July 10, 2013

Here's a really special opportunity.As a reader of theMarketingblog, you are entitled to take advantage of this exclusive offer: 3,000 FREE email credits per month from emailmagnet.

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  1. Design beautiful email campaigns using our feature packed editor, select from our library of templates or import your own design.
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“Three out of five SMEs feel they lack the expertise and are worried about the costs – both financial and time – involved in launching an online ad campaign / Sean Riley, CEO of Ad Dynamo

by on November 1, 2012

First one-price-for-all online ad system offers businesses online marketing simplicity.

58 per cent of small-to-medium sized businesses are concerned about the time, costs and expertise they need to implement online advertising campaigns.

New Price Plans by Ad Dynamo empowers business-owners from the complexity, needless negotiation and campaign management of online ad campaigns

Read more about Advertising Price Plans here