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Events : How the most innovative industry players leverage data to fuel precision targeting, efficiency, product development and consumer engagement.

by on January 29, 2015

iMedia Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit | Bringing together senior buyers and sellers of digital media ( 29 January, Skyloft @Millbank Tower, London

Realising data-driven precision marketing, product development and consumer experiences

Report back on the Summit to follow


Windows 8.1 brings new benefits to advertisers – Greg Nelson – MSFT

by on October 21, 2013

Greg Nelson, General Manager of Display Advertising for Microsoft’s Online Services Division, discusses how Windows 8.1 is providing advertisers with the ability to create consumer focused experiences through ads in apps:

  • Audience data will enable advertisers to predict consumer behaviour, channelling relevant and timely ads to them through better ad targeting.
  • The In-Banner video that has been made available will help advertisers incorporate video into their ads to tell a much richer story
  • Finally, Bing Smart Search will help people find relevant information, with search ads being shown within web results.


The connected beer bottle: a social revolution? / ad:tech London brand focus

by on August 30, 2013

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ad:tech London has been a key industry fixture in the UK for brands, agencies and publishers for nearly a decade.

Paul Smailes Global head of digital, Heineken

How is Heineken approaching the "internet of things" and what opportunities will next-generation microchips create? Unveiled at Milan Design Week in April, Heineken and Tribal DDB have been riding the crest of the connected-product wave with the launch of Ignite, dubbed the "world’s first interactive beer bottle".