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Content is continuous

Ingenious. A fiendishly clever ‘Content Led Conversations’ plan from theMarketingblog

by on June 3, 2013

Content + Social = Leads

In the world of today, content is no longer campaign based. Content is continuous.

What do we mean by ' Content Led Conversations'?

You get, and this is where it is fiendishly clever a 'double qualified' set of  leads (in other words Content Led Conversations) for your people to convert into orders.

What is the plan all about? We create the very best quality, result driven stories for your company which can first of all be loaded into theMarketingblog right up at the top of the site We then use our new ‘'Content Led Conversations' plan to get massive coverage using these stories in over 50 LinkedIn Group Sites and we create more action in Facebook, Pinterest, Rebel Mouse, Twitter, Scoop It etc.

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