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20 ways to get your content in front of early-stage B2B buyers

by on November 1, 2013

From -  A recent article in BtoB Magazine highlights how marketing to the electronics engineering vertical is changing due to technological innovation and the demands of a more specialized (and time-constrained) workforce.

The focus of the article centers around content marketing designed to attract buyers at every stage of the buying cycle, particularly early-stage awareness.


78% of CMO’s think custom content is the future of marketing

by on June 23, 2013

50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing from NewsCred
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Search Marketing Expo is the only search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced internet marketers

by on February 12, 2013

SMX London 2013 - 15 & 16 May - Chelsea Football Club.

Experienced search engine marketers: exchange ideas, influence the industry and build your network at SMX.

Search Marketing Expo is the only search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced internet marketers. Sessions are fast-paced, Q&A-packed, frequently controversial, always informative…and don’t stop to cover the basics. Fluent in search engine marketing? Come to SMX and engage with others who speak your native language.


Five of the best: Tips on how to drive revenue and build brand through your digital channels

by on February 1, 2013

By Manny Vaghela, Head of Solution Consulting – Northern Europe, Adobe

There’s a perception in the marketing industry that managing websites is one of Dante’s circles of hell. Indeed, brands and can no longer look at just managing their company websites and a few social media channels - they need to manage and curate web experiences for customers who now expect to be able to find, engage, collaborate and converse with brands online from many devices, platforms and channels.

The real headache for companies is keeping up with this pace of change from a web infrastructure point of view.  All too often disparate systems manage websites, the content, analytics and social media, and are implemented as and when they were needed. From a pure management point of view, this can be hell, but even worse, from a customer point of view it can be inconsistent and messy. [more…]

Guest Post : Why quality content marketing will be King in 2013 – Julia Hutchison, Group FMG

by on January 6, 2013

The past 12 months has seen content marketing become a big hitter in the marketing discipline stakes and there are plenty of lessons marketers need to learn for the year ahead to make the most of the growing medium.

2012 has been a great year for content marketing, one that has seen it established as a key discipline as brands look to create a genuine rapport with their target audience.

And there are big names leading the charge; the likes of Coca-Cola and Red Bull both embed content strategy as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy.

Julia Hutchison is head of Content Marketing at Group FMG and former Chief Operating Officer for the Content Marketing Association


‘Four Building Blocks of B2B’ and how they aid the “surround the customer approach

by on June 13, 2012

At ABM’s Annual Conference on April 29, Jack Griffin talked about the Four Building Blocks of B-to-B and how they aid the “surround the customer approach” of b-to-b. “The customer is now the center of the realm,” said Griffin.

“We need to look to our customers, the ability to aggregate that customer, understand that customer through data and ultimately deliver compelling content and solutions as the core organizing principles of what this business is all about.” [more…]