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Importance of CRM in digital marketing

Importance of CRM in digital marketing

by on May 15, 2020

Digital marketing is crucial in this day and age. The majority of people own some type of device, either cell phone, tablet, or computer that they use to either shop, or to research things they want, need, or have an interest in.


Four key obstacles for inside sales teams and how to overcome them

Four key obstacles for inside sales teams and how to overcome them

by on November 4, 2019

Tim Kimber, Product Marketing Director, NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage company

Inside sales teams are facing more obstacles than ever before.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s not only essential to provide customers with a smooth user experience, but that your sales reps are set up to succeed.


“I predict that Nimble will leapfrog all traditional CRM solutions” / Editor, Selling Power Magazine

by on June 1, 2013

  • The best way to market your business to your customers is with appropriate and up-to-date content. Your content creates the image that your customers identify

One CRM solution to consider is Nimble Social CRM. This software is designed to make customer relations quick and dependable. It includes tools that maintain customer information, that make mass communication easier with email and other methods, and that monitor social media for your business.

Social media is a powerful tool to help businesses grow. What your business maintains on its social media is content like any other that can help attract customers to your site.


Marketing Answers & Solutions / All the people who touch your social graph, you may want to connect with – and why = Nimble CRM

by on November 12, 2012

Marketing Answers are established CRM specialists who have been advising clients on the best CRM solutions for over 14 years.  This depth of experience, together with their long term perspective for their clients means  that many of the 300+  clients have been with MAS for many years.  MAS portfolio of established CRM Brands gives clients confidence that the can advise on the best CRM choice for their business

Nimble aims to bring greater insight to every contact. A contact is no longer a flat, static, business-card-like record of contact details that your sales person types in, the company says, but instead functions as a dynamic dashboard of social insight about the contact. Nimble has integrated with Foursquare for location engagement and shows shared connections from your social graph.

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