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Identity is the key to Engagement : Russell Loarridge, Managing Director Europe, Janrain

by on January 10, 2014

Identity is the key to Engagement

Social media has been great for brands. The delivery of many to many messaging, using the power of crowd to share and achieve some degree of cohort based segmentation, has changed brand engagement. But is it also good for the consumer?

Consumers are increasingly willing to share personal information in order to receive a better, more relevant experience. But where is that experience? Having Twitter followers and Facebook pages is great – but how many brands are linking Twitter/Facebook shared information to existing customer records or creating a single cross-media profile for their customer to approve and manage?

Customers want a personalised experience and are providing brands with the information required to achieve true one to one marketing on a massive scale. As Russell Loarridge, Managing Director Europe, Janrain insists, social is no longer just about the media; it is about the data. The winners in the next generation of social strategy are already proving that using freely available customer data to achieve true personalisation completely transforms customer engagement.


Trends for 2014: Using data to drive engagement and create personalised experiences

by on November 23, 2013

Exclusive article by Anthony Wilkey, Regional Director, Account Management Group, SmartFocus

We think there’s a big opportunity to make marketing smarter – smarter in how customer data is collected and used, smarter in how campaigns are planned and executed, and smarter in terms of driving higher revenue, satisfaction, and loyalty. As we move into 2014, to be smarter it is important for businesses to deliver personalised, real-time customer interactions across email, mobile, social, web and offline channels to continually engage customers with relevant, personalised messages that drive campaign performance and increase customer lifetime value. [more…]

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be a Chief Marketing Officer” / Nick Heys, Founder, Emailvision

by on April 12, 2013

Nick Heys, Founder, Emailvision

There has never been a more challenging, or more exciting time to be a marketing leader. In response to consumer expectations, organizations are shifting from a business-centric perspective to a customer-centric one.

Why? In a world where your customer can instantly access a host of different options through websites, instant advertising, apps, reviews and social commentary… brands that provide a quick and valuable customer experience will most certainly gain competitive advantages. [more…]

Capscan reveal disconnect between perceptions of customer data and quality management process within organisations

by on August 4, 2012

Capscan, a leading global supplier of international data quality management (IDQM) and customer registration solutions today reports the findings of its 2012 Data Quality Management (DQM) survey.

The independent research reveals that whilst organisations are aware of the commercial benefits of high-quality customer contact data and the negative impact of poor information, almost half of the 291 respondents (40.9%) stated that their organisations don’t have an enterprise-wide DQM strategy.

The full results will be published by Capscan in a new whitepaper entitled ‘Data Quality Insight’, which can be downloaded for free at: