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5 social media resolutions you should be making for 2017

by on December 21, 2016

Silence on social media is no longer an option. Every year, finding a business that isn’t on social media becomes less and less likely, probably because so many of us have accounts for personal use, too. Social media is fun after all – it’s a great way to network online and create noise about your business.

But keeping up a presence on social media can drop down the list of priorities for many businesses, especially if it begins to feel like a chore. Keren Lerner, Founder and Managing Director, Top Left Design shares five social media resolutions that small business owners should be making to ensure they make time for perfecting their social media strategy. [more…]

Mapp Media adds programmatic buying service

by on April 21, 2015

Mapp Media announces that it has developed a new programmatic advertising buying service for its key platform partners to complement its existing, highly-targeted advertising solutions


“When the customer says yes, stop talking” / Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg

by on November 5, 2014

Publishers need to make it easier for advertisers to say yes

Focus article by Guy Cookson who is CMO and co-founder at Respond


Field marketing / Primesight partners with NOW TV to deliver interactive digital campaign in cinemas

by on August 9, 2014

Primesight, @primesight one of the UK’s largest providers of out-of-home solutions, can today announce it has been appointed to facilitate NOW TV’s new interactive digital campaign, ‘BackInYourBox’, in cinemas across the UK.

Primesight’s digital 6 sheets will host the ‘BackInYourBox’ campaign in the top ten most popular cinemas in the UK alongside static six sheet panels located in 304 cinemas nationwide. The digital creative features a touch screen game based on the well known arcade hit ‘Whac-A-Mole’, allowing players to tap the colourful characters on screen emerging from the boxes with the aim of achieving a high score.


How to build killer ‘Location Based Services’ / Kamran Saeed, Brainstorm Mobile Solutions

by on June 23, 2014


Making sense of the wonderful world of location technologies and how to build killer Location Based Services! Cast your eyes over industry publications and you won’t need to look too far to find an article or news item on beacons, or as its commonly referred to as, ibeacons.


New premium service platform / La Maison, or, “Home,” will provide insight, content and access to digital agencies

by on June 22, 2014

Publicis, Google and Conde Nast are teaming up to help luxury brands understand and reach high net worth individuals.

Publicis Worldwide has launched La Maison, a premium service platform that is a collaboration between Google, Condé Nast and Publicis Groupe digital networks and seeks to help luxury brands better target high-net-worth individuals.

La Maison, or, "Home," will provide insight, content and access to digital agencies, which Publicis says helps luxury brands "stay at the forefront of trends and competition shifts to new markets and digital channels."

La Maison will be led by Charles Georges-Picot, CEO of Publicis 133. Raul Martinez, Design Director of Vogue USA, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of AR, will be responsible for the creative content output. And a global luxury team within Google under the management of Ariane Rivier will contribute trends analysis and content distribution advice.


Yahoo has refreshed its homepage in Europe and South Africa

by on November 13, 2013

Yahoo has refreshed its homepage in Europe and South Africa as part of efforts to harmonise the user experience across desktop, mobile...


Undertone launches industry’s first responsive ad format – ScreenShift

by on June 20, 2013

Undertone, a leader in digital advertising solutions for brands, today launches ScreenShift™ – a scalable high impact digital ad format that can be delivered seamlessly across web environments on smartphone, tablet and desktop.

ScreenShift is the industry’s first high impact ad format built using responsive design. It is a single HTML5 creative asset that delivers a high impact experience from Undertone’s Preferred Publisher Portfolio™.   Find out more [more…]

Exclusive : Gareth Roberts, Mundocom talks ‘Responsive Design’

by on December 14, 2012

Responsive Design

Responsive design has grown massively over the last 2 years. With the popularity of the 960 grid systems taking off, due to its flexibility and browser compatibility, fixed grid systems are becoming less and less popular. Brands and agencies alike are quickly realising that a mobile and tablet compatible version of their website is now essential.

People are now receiving emails and linking to websites through a range of devices. Out and about, on the move, we all use and need the internet, so it is vital we can access and view the information we need to quickly and easily. Mundocom [more…] has launched the first fully responsive website in the car classifieds market

by on November 2, 2012

Multi-device browsing prompts to launch classified’s first responsive website.

Check the new site.