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Traditional marketing more influential than digital advertising and social media / Steria

by on January 11, 2013

Research released today by Steria, the IT and business services provider, reveals that despite the apparent growth in digital advertising, physical advertising still exerts a greater influence when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions.

The research, conducted by YouGov, revealed the limited influence of paid-for digital advertising compared to traditional forms of marketing.  In-store advertising was cited as an influence on purchasing decisions by 28% of respondents, while newspaper and magazine adverts were identified by 27%. In comparison, 18% were influenced by online advertising, 9% by ads on social networks while the figure for mobile ads was just 7%.


Tetley’s Adrian Mooney : “Spending quality time and having a bit of banter together”

by on August 9, 2012

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Adrian Mooney, EMEA VP, Marketing, Tata Global Beverages says, “We've undertaken a comprehensive root and branch audit of Tetley over the past 9 months.

We discovered that Tetley's equities are based around sociability, caring and sharing which is a big contrast to the other tea brands who all tend to focus on the inward and solitary feeling of how tea can make you generically "feel better."

Tetley has announced that it is investing £10 million in its biggest marketing programme for ten years that seeks to modernise the brand and make it more appealing to a younger tea drinking audience. [more…]

• When mobile advertisers pay per click, curbing click fraud is vital in delivering cost-effective campaigns – ‘Traffiliate for Mobile’

by on May 15, 2012

DMG (DSNR Media Group) – announced today that Traffiliate for Mobile, DMG's platform that provides comprehensive real-time visibility of mobile campaigns, now includes an anti click fraud solution for more accurate measurement of mobile ad effectiveness.

Based on DMG’s extensive experience in mobile advertising, serving over 10 billion impressions monthly, this anti click fraud capability identifies unwanted clicks that can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars every month for mobile advertisers.    [more…]