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Nearly half of England backs Germany to bring home the trophy at Euro 2016

by on April 27, 2016

New research by Rocket Fuel reveals consumer behaviours and levels of national support across Europe ahead of the first truly ‘digital European championship’

Nearly half of England is backing Germany to win Euro 2016, which means that almost twice as many English people are backing Germany than England, according to new research released by Rocket Fuel, a leading programmatic marketing platform provider that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence.


Our digital marketing predictions for 2016   … Connecting Element

Our digital marketing predictions for 2016 … Connecting Element

by on January 8, 2016


B2B Marketers : “The absolutely vital survival-kit tools for measuring digital marketing success”

by on April 29, 2015

Five Essential Digital Metrics

Karen Hall from Connecting Element writes .. There’s a plethora of digital marketing measures out there, all of which are useful in one way or another – but which are the ones you rely on the most? We’ve outlined our favourite five across all channels; considering web, email, social media and more. [more…]

“Appealing to night owl shoppers” – Marc Michaels,DST

“Appealing to night owl shoppers” – Marc Michaels,DST

by on April 28, 2015

Online shopping is certainly not new and as technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, it will be an even more intrinsic part of consumers’ retail journey.

In 2013 UK shoppers spent £91bn online according to the IMRG-Capgemini eRetail Sales Index, with the figure only increasing through 2014. Internet retailing is massively altering consumers’ shopping habits from the number of channels used before the final purchase is made, through to shopping during hours that were once considered ‘dead space’ for retailers.

The latter point was strongly highlighted in John Lewis’ recent findings (October 2014), which revealed a 30 per cent increase in online shopping between midnight and 6am. ‘Retail therapy’ knows no time limits in today’s connected world.


“When you blend data, analysis, strategy, creativity and all the other elements that give CRM power, you amplify the effectiveness of each”

by on April 17, 2015

Amaze One - Seven Questions for Neil Evans, Managing Director, Amaze One

Another one of theMarketingblog's seven questions articles. This time we ask ...

  • How did Amaze One come into being?
  • What do you mean by ‘out of the ordinary’?
  • What’s different about the agency compared to its competitors?
  • What particular problems do clients currently need help with?
  • How does Amaze One assist clients?
  • How does Amaze One fit into the wider St Ives Group?


Blunders : British Gas, O2, Marks & Spencer, Cillit Bang, Asda and Center Parcs are among the brands advertising on sleaze sites

by on April 15, 2015

British Gas, O2, Marks & Spencer, Cillit Bang, Asda and Center Parcs are among the brands advertising on "paedeo and incest websites", according to a report in The Sun, leading to questions about the efficacy of the media monitoring and targeting technology they are using.

Read more for official UK online industry comment from JICWEBS (Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards).


Thomas Cook Airlines launches its first programmatic ad campaign

by on April 15, 2015

Early tests see cost per customer acquisition falling by 75%

Thomas Cook Airlines has launched its first purely programmatic ad campaign in the UK, which will involve using customer data to target users across the entire customer life-cycle.


Download the free Digital Marketing Forecaster for Excel / Lead Forensics

by on March 16, 2015


Movers and Groovers : Senior promotions at award winning agency MC&C

by on February 13, 2015

MC&C, the UK’s smartest performance media agency (, today announced that after another strong year of growth, two senior promotions have been made within the agency.

Ian Prager has been newly appointed as MC&C’s Managing Director. Ian, who has been on the board of MC&C since October 2008, will step up from the role of Deputy Chairman. Prior to joining the agency, Ian held the role of Managing Director at CIA Direct. The move follows a record year in 2014 and a series of new client wins including NSPCC, Gameloft and the Family Building Society. Ian will acquire the title from MC&C’s founder Mike Colling, who will take on the role of Chief Executive.

Caroline Dolan has also been promoted to MC&C’s of Head of Business Management. [more…]

Programmatic / TV and online ads to be synced via new programmatic offering

by on December 3, 2014

Infectious Media integrates new programmatic platform enabling online ads to be served in sync with TV ads

Taps into consumers’ dual-screening habits by triggering display ads to run within milliseconds of TV ads

Infectious Media, @Infectiousmedia the programmatic specialist, has integrated TV synchronisation capabilities directly into its programmatic platform to allow digital display ads to be automatically coordinated with TV ads.Online ads will be deployed programmatically on desktops and tablets within milliseconds of a TV advert appearing.

This allows brands to reach audiences across dual screens, maximising the impact of their TV investments. The technology is able to establish the right time to deploy ads by tapping into a commercial database containing information on TV slots for over 2,000 channels, across 60 countries.