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What is online reputation management and why you should care?

What is online reputation management and why you should care?

by on February 5, 2019

If there’s one thing that cannot ever be overlooked is just how important our online reputation and online footprint is to your overall social media marketing and brand.

Online reputation management must be taken seriously as we post ourselves and our brand all over social media.  The reality is that we live in a ‘search-happy’ world. So, it’s vitally important that we care about our online reputation.


Exclusive article : Use these 5 steps to write an effective marketing plan

Exclusive article : Use these 5 steps to write an effective marketing plan

by on July 24, 2018

Writing an effective marketing plan involves both looking inward to know the reality of the company, its potential to address a particular project that marks the direction of the company, and how to analyze the outside factors.

Below you’ll find some vital steps on creating a plan that will keep both you and your potential clients/investors happy. [more…]

How to improve campaign response rates by 40% using Facebook

by on March 22, 2015

Author: Adam Williams, Managing Director of @DBSData DBS Data

Integrating Facebook advertisements as part of a ‘traditional’ DM campaign has become a well proven and low-cost lead generation, branding and direct response mechanism.

Uplifts in response rates in the region of 40% are not uncommon when social is included as part of a multi-channel campaign strategy, but still many marketers are not fully exploiting the opportunity.

For some marketers it is a lack of awareness, others are eager to get involved but are wary of stepping on people’s toes within the organisation. Who ‘owns’ social media is a debate that still rages in the corridors of many businesses with marketing,  press-office, customer service, HR,  IT and e-commerce teams all staking their rightful claim.


Movers and Groovers : Senior promotions at award winning agency MC&C

by on February 13, 2015

MC&C, the UK’s smartest performance media agency (, today announced that after another strong year of growth, two senior promotions have been made within the agency.

Ian Prager has been newly appointed as MC&C’s Managing Director. Ian, who has been on the board of MC&C since October 2008, will step up from the role of Deputy Chairman. Prior to joining the agency, Ian held the role of Managing Director at CIA Direct. The move follows a record year in 2014 and a series of new client wins including NSPCC, Gameloft and the Family Building Society. Ian will acquire the title from MC&C’s founder Mike Colling, who will take on the role of Chief Executive.

Caroline Dolan has also been promoted to MC&C’s of Head of Business Management. [more…]