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Breaking into the Mars and Nestle controlled pet food industry … Pooch & Mutt and Pero

by on November 4, 2017

Model body-painted as dalmatian

Pooch & Mutt, the makers of “Health Food for Dogs with Nothing to hide”, have enlisted the help of four models body-painted as dogs, a top music producer and an award-winning film director to highlight some of the problems with the pet food industry.

Whilst naked models body-painted as dogs might not be the obvious way to talk about pet health and nutrition, there is a need to do something different when 87% of the £34m* spent on pet food advertising in the UK is controlled by the confectionery giants Mars and Nestle.

Other pet food news...North Wales-based all natural pet food manufacturer Pero has announced its first TV marketing campaign, since its inception in 1985.


Small online retailers competing with High Street giants with Click & Collect

by on October 19, 2016

With more than 300,000 instances every day in the UK, the problem of missed deliveries is a growing headache for online retailers facing escalating costs. Perhaps more importantly, however, inconvenient delivery options are also having a direct impact on conversion rates at checkout, as studies1 reveal that 48% of basket abandonments happen as a result of insufficient delivery choice. [more…]

Video : Be more dog – O2 is on to a winner

by on July 6, 2013

O2 is on to a winner with its latest ad campaign. You can’t go wrong with both dogs and cats in one ad. Encouraging us all to “be more dog” and live life to the full as part of its 4G campaign, it features an aloof, indifferent cat deciding to live more like a dog. It runs, chases cars fetches sticks and catches frisbees. Amazing.


That is one lucky dog – A boots video with Aussie swimsuit model Renee Somerfield

by on November 24, 2012

See more of Renee and Mack the Bulldog in theMarketingblog's  behind the scenes video. One certainty - this article will get top readership scores.

Tell us what you think - is it a success?

"I think they're selling boots? but you don't get to see them..? Lure people in with a cute innocent puppy and then show boobs. poor, poor puppy"

"I will kill to become that dog for a day"


The different, funny and manipulative tactics dogs employ to get their owners to give them a treat

by on April 3, 2012

Ogilvy & Mather Sydney has developed a new series of TVC's for Purina Australia to launch its new treats brand, RUFFS