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by on February 13, 2013

“Remember the best content in the world won’t drive revenue if nobody sees it” / theMarketingblog :  ’Load your own Success Story Plan’. You can have your article loaded in this top spot in the next 24 hours – it’s fast!

You can have quality articles created for your company in this blog Help your content get found with optimisation and promotion. Remember the best content in the world won’t drive revenue if nobody sees it. That’s why …


Payatrader wins “Best Technology Initiative of The Year” award at the prestigious Card and Payment Awards 2013

by on February 11, 2013

Payatrader the provider of low cost card processing for small businesses, today announced it has been voted as the “Best Technology Initiative of the Year” at the prestigious 2013 Cards & Payments Awards.

Beating off strong competition from a number of major players, Best Technology Initiative of the Year was won by Acceptacard Limited for its Payatrader solution. Combining existing technology and developing new technology to provide a multi-channel payment processing solution, Payatrader, is the UK’s first payment processing proposition truly designed around the needs of small business. The judges felt this to be “a great example of the development of existing technology to meet commercial requirements.” [more…]

IRX 2013 / Online Merchandising & Selling / the eSeller Theatre

by on February 5, 2013





IRX 2013. In this conference we'll consider getting online effectively ("Start"), getting your business noticed ("Promote") and converting that interest into sales ("Sell"). This packed and practical day will package learnings from the leading ecommerce businesses to design, build and deploy your platform rapidly; performance marketing to acquire customers via search, affiliates and other high-ROI methods, and increase conversion to sales via on-site, search, merchandising, recommendation and personalized persuasion.

This day's sessions will leave you with a ready, best-practice set of insights ready for rapid implementation.


Sendible, Bazookr and WOW Analytics – social media business tools we use to make sure theMarketingblog gets an advantage in 2013

by on November 30, 2012





How difficult is 2013 going to be for mobile marketers, bloggers  and email marketers? Probably there will be no respite - it's going to be tough.

Here are three new UK social media business tools which we at theMarketingblog are going to use to make much needed progress in 2013. They are well worth checking out. Do it now - Will Corry 01784 434 412 Call today - your time will be very well spent. [more…]

Sendible brings together Social Media, Email and SMS technologies to help grow your business, monitor your brand and track results

by on November 13, 2012

The easiest way to manage your company's social media
Sendible brings together Social Media, Email and SMS technologies to help grow your business, monitor your brand and track results. Getting started takes less than 60 seconds.


Email marketing – Why do female senders perform better that males? / CleverTouch

by on October 11, 2012

Results from marketing automation campaigns, totalling over 13 million recipients, show that on average emails sent from women achieve 18 percent click through rates versus those sent from men (10%).


Hotmail top for Briton’s main personal email host / Pure360

by on September 20, 2012

New research by YouGov and digital marketing provider Pure360 has found that Microsoft’s Hotmail is Britain’s most widely used email host, easily beating Gmail and other providers.

Nearly a third of Britons online (29%) confirmed they used Hotmail as their main personal email account, with Yahoo second most popular (15%) and Google’s Gmail in third place (14%). [more…]

Building awareness of the special deals Tesco Club Card holders can get from Tesco Bank

by on September 16, 2012

Tesco Bank is returning to TV with a new ad campaign for its Car Insurance. The ad, developed by Tesco Bank’s agency WDMP, is a 30 second commercial which will be aired across terrestrial and satellite channels.


The return of real and tangible objects / Tim Hipperson, chief executive of G2 Joshua

by on August 31, 2012

When the digital revolution erupted there was a rush to ditch the physical in place of the new fangled digital alternatives. Letters, photographs, books, playing games and even human interaction have all fallen victim to global digitalisation.

Email, Instagram, Angry Birds and Facebook have replaced some of the most central day-to-day physical things in our lives. Remember when you used to receive letters from your friends? Or had the excitement of waiting for a camera film to be developed?

Tim Hipperson, chief executive of G2 Joshua


What one book would you suggest to someone just getting started in the world of social marketing?

by on August 25, 2012