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3 email marketing fails that can be turned into wins

3 email marketing fails that can be turned into wins

by on March 21, 2020

Email marketing was one of the hottest buzzwords of the past decade, and it’s likely to remain popular in the coming years.

And for good reason – despite being flooded with dozens, if not hundreds of emails per day, people continue to open emails at an impressive rate. Email is a great way for companies to remain in contact with a target userbase of people who have expressed interest in their offerings.


Marketing decision makers : This superb infographic has a list of top email blunders .. very, very useful

by on November 18, 2015

Kevin Monk of Email Monks writes ... I wanted to touch base with you to share one of our recent resources (an infographic) on email marketing blunders.

Why email blunders? Well, as you know most brands are involved in email marketing these days, being one of the leading channels that drive ROI. In such a scenario, sometimes brands fall prey to blunders leading to a poor reputation and an “Oouch+Oops” condition. [more…]