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eMarketer Research : One-quarter of all online sales in the UK take place via smartphones and tablets; by 2018, that figure will near two in five

by on June 23, 2014

Mobile Shopping Drives UK Retail Ecommerce Sales
Shopping on mobile devices will account for a rapidly growing share of UK retail ecommerce sales and is expected to contribute to strong ecommerce sales growth this year, according to new figures from @eMarketer eMarketer.
Already, over one-quarter of all online sales in the UK take place via smartphones and tablets; by 2018, that figure will near two in five.


Tablets to Account for Over 10% of UK Retail Ecommerce Sales

by on December 2, 2013

A new eMarketer forecast predicts digital sales of goods and services ordered via tablets will nearly triple this year.   Read on ..


eMarketer: One-third of UK population now use tablets

by on October 2, 2013

Tablet usage amongst younger and older consumers on the rise

LONDON (02 October, 2013) -- Tablet ownership is fast becoming the norm in the UK, as a sizeable chunk of the population uses such a device at least monthly, and growth has passed the early-adopter stage, according to eMarketer figures.

This year, eMarketer estimates, 20 million people-more than one in three consumers in the UK-will use a tablet. This includes individuals who own their own tablet and use it monthly, as well as people who share a tablet with family members or others and also use the device on a monthly basis. By 2017, the tablet will become a mass-market device with more than half the UK population using one regularly.


Research : Mcommerce takes 15% of UK retail ecommerce sales / eMarketer

by on June 20, 2013

Ecommerce sales to account for more than 11% of £383 billion UK retail market

  • eMarketer: Mcommerce Takes 15% of UK Retail Ecommerce Sales
  • Retail mobile commerce sales expected to top £6.61 billion alone

LONDON (20 June, 2013) -- Shopping on mobile devices is helping drive retail ecommerce sales in the UK to new heights and a larger percentage of retail sales overall, according to new figures from eMarketer. The UK has always registered relatively high online shopping and buying penetration rates. Based on eMarketer's first-ever forecast for UK retail sales across channels, digital sales in the country, including online and mobile, as a percentage of total retail sales, is among the highest in the world. eMarketer estimates that digital sales (excluding travel) will represent 11.5% of UK total retail sales this year, compared with 10.2% in 2012.


Email clickthrough rates slip as mobile opens rise

by on August 23, 2012

Via Most mornings, I begin my day by reading my email on my iPad.

I give it a general perusal, delete the trash before it hits my Outlook inbox and formulate a plan for the day based on what I find there. It’s a relaxed way to ease into the day and for some reason 50 emails don’t look as daunting on the iPad as they do flooding into my computer. [more…]

Mobile marketing is struggling in the largest wireless market in the world

by on August 18, 2012 China is not experiencing the success that it should from its smartphone consumers.

As the largest smartphone marketplace in the world, it is easy to expect that mobile marketing should be taking off in China more than any other nation, but this is not the case.

Government Statistics have shown that there are over one billion cell phone users in the country this year.