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If you have up to 5001 contacts you don’t need to pay a penny to use E-goi

by on February 8, 2016

Email newsletter platform from E-goi … try it out today

Sending out newsletters? If you have up to 5001 contacts you don't need to pay a penny to use E-goi in Valentines Day


Our 3 best stories … McDonalds allow you to pay with love : Trial offer from E-goi : Coca Cola and JetBlue inspire humanity

by on December 21, 2015


Important message for B2B Marketers : Check out and try the most advanced email platform

by on June 12, 2015


B2B Marketers : Take advantage of this trial offer from E-goi – Multichannel Marketing: Email, SMS, Voice, Fax, Forms and Social Media

by on June 5, 2015


Important message for marketing consultants, hosting providers or e-commerce associations / Can you sell E-goi to your own customers?

by on May 16, 2015

Check out E-goi's Sales Partner Programme!

Yep, that's right. If you love E-goi as we do, you can sell it to your clients and earn a nice tidy sum on each sale!

Sounds interesting, what do I get? [more…]

Welcome to easy marketing automation – E-goi

by on February 22, 2015


6 must checks before launching your email campaign / E-GOI

by on August 2, 2014