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How Instagram harnesses the awesome power of mobile, social media and photos

by on September 27, 2014


Just who is the typical UK YouTuber? Research reveals their influence

by on April 20, 2014

New research from Google profiling UK YouTubers shows they are older, more social and more influential than you might expect

UK YouTube viewers are a highly sociable bunch according to the latest findings from Google-commissioned research. Far from spending all day in their rooms with the curtains drawn, they’re twice as likely to go to the cinema or sporting events than non-YouTube viewers. They’re four times as likely to go to concerts. They’re also older than you’d expect, with 90% of YouTube viewers aged 18 or over and 50% older than 35. Just 10% are aged 13-17, demonstrating that YouTube reaches people across all demographics.

The study was carried out to help brands understand more about the YouTube audience and how best to create relevant content for them.  More research articles from theMarketingblog. [more…]

If you read the Guardian this weekend you’ll end up standing in front of a burning shed in your pants

by on January 9, 2014

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Food, drink industries undermine health policy, study finds – “self-regulation was failing”

by on February 12, 2013

Multinational food, drink and alcohol companies are using strategies similar to those employed by the tobacco industry to undermine public health policies, health experts said on Tuesday.

In an international analysis of involvement by so-called "unhealthy commodity" companies in health policy-making, researchers from Australia, Britain, Brazil and elsewhere said self-regulation was failing and it was time the industry was regulated more stringently from outside.


Natural Balance Foods invites consumers to ‘Get Your Smoosh On’

by on August 23, 2012

Natural Balance Foods, manufacturer of the wholefood brand Nākd, has released details of an exciting new advertising campaign, due to launch in September 2012. Entitled ‘Get Your Smoosh On’, the campaign will focus on Nākd flavours Berry Delight and Cocoa Orange, whilst still featuring its full thirteen bar range that includes new variants Caffé Mocha and Rhubarb & Custard, as well as the four Nākd Oatie Bars.