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The importance of Facebook advertising for your business

The importance of Facebook advertising for your business

by on November 8, 2019

Social media is a popular and powerful platform where people connect and share anything, like life stories, ideas, and opinions in videos, images, or textual forms.

One of the most sought advertising social media platforms is Facebook.


New plastic free kids mag launches as schools demo on Climate Change

New plastic free kids mag launches as schools demo on Climate Change

by on February 18, 2019

As school kids around the UK voted with their feet and walked out of school last Friday to voice their concerns about Climate Change - a new plastic free magazine was launching in the UK for 5-10 year olds called Munch Cats!  


Gamification : The race between console and mobile games in 2015 and beyond

by on January 11, 2016

"George Osborn of Mobile Mavericks says that, upon reading stats and reports, ‘it’s clear that most players are not in one camp or the other; they’re in both.’ He adds that, ‘big spenders on mobile games also spend significantly within the rest of the gaming space.

Free marketers, who share game content but don’t pay for it, aren’t casual gamers; they’re an audience who respect and play core games.’With big players like Nintendo now on board the mobile cash machine, it will only be a matter of time before mobile sales truly dwarf the once king of the arena that was the console platform".


When and what is Cyber Monday?

by on November 25, 2015

You might be well aware of Black Friday and the brilliant deals (not to mention occasionally violent scenes) that it produces, but Cyber Monday is hardly any less of a fixture in the shopping calendar, albeit with one big difference: it's an online-only affair.


Adknowledge integrates Realeyes emotion analytics platform into online video campaigns

by on September 9, 2014

Adknowledge, a global digital advertising company, today announced a worldwide partnership with Realeyes, an emotion analytics platform that measures how people feel and react when they watch video content.

Adknowledge /  @Adknowledge can now offer advertisers detailed reporting on how audiences respond emotionally to video campaigns the company delivers across social, mobile, apps, games and sponsored content.  Founded at Oxford University, the Realeyes platform enables marketers to make better decisions across the three key stages of video advertising – testing the creative, planning media spend and analysing the performance.  [more…]

Google’s Android TV – Will it work? Will it be a success?”/ Lee Baring, adconnection

by on July 1, 2014

Will Android TV be the foothold that Google require?
Lee Baring, Account Director, adconnection writes ... You may have seen in the press recently the usual excitement that precedes any new product from Google, Google TV is a-coming and the jumped up little search engine’s quest for world domination continues.
Hand’s up, who’s uses Google TV?
Google’s last try at TV wasn’t exactly classed as a success, the re-launch will drop the name “Google TV” and adopt the name “Android TV”.  The issue with Google’s last try was that their objective was to “fix” our TVs, Eric Schmidt famously bet that Google TV would be present in the majority of TVs by 2012 – hand’s up, who’s uses Google TV?


BabyCentre Mobile Mum Report / 41% of mums describe their smartphone as their ‘backup brain’

by on October 7, 2013

BabyCentre Mobile Mum Report reveals rise of nomophobic mummies

Mobile device ownership, usage, reliance and addiction levels all up this year

  • Smartphone and tablet ownership up by 21% and 128% respectively since last year
  • Nearly a quarter of mums feel ‘panicked’ without their smartphones
  • Results show nearly a 100% increase when using a smartphone across all aspects of the path to purchase
  • BabyCentre Facebook


Bigpoint to release three of its games into the UK and Ireland retail outlets this autumn

by on October 2, 2012

Bigpoint – a worldwide leader in online games – today announced a deal with UK games distributor Contact Sales and its PC games publishing arm Excalibur Publishing to release three of its games into UK and Ireland retail outlets this autumn.


Rakuten’s quantifies the power of a like on Facebook

by on August 21, 2012

As brand managers across the world seek to quantify the elusive “value of a like” on Facebook, Rakuten’s today reveals the value to the company of its Facebook fans.

Thanks to support from social marketing platform EngageSciences, Rakuten’s has analysed the shopping behaviour of its Facebook fans.  [more…]

Olympics / ‘Reduced to the status of beggars on the gilded streets of the Olympic movement’ : Ayo Akinto, Oddbins

by on August 2, 2012

As London welcomes the Olympic Games, a slew of brands who aren't official sponsors of the event have attempted to crash the party with guerrilla marketing.

However, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is working fiercely to protect the rights of official sponsors including P&G, McDonald's and Coca-Cola who have spent small fortunes to help foot the bill for the Games, estimated to have cost around $14.4bn.

Adidas, for example, is reported to have paid around $62m to become an official sponsor.