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“Good artists copy…great artists steal”

“Good artists copy…great artists steal”

by on October 28, 2019

It’s a cliche quote and many people use it, but when Steve Jobs said:

“Good artists copy...great artists steal.”

We had to think about our own work here at The Good Marketer and where our ideas have come from - other people and businesses.


New : 4 basic ways to boost your social media presence

New : 4 basic ways to boost your social media presence

by on October 26, 2018

Are you just starting out in the social media biosphere? Been racking your brain on how to get the traffic going and getting noticed? Well, there are gems on the Internet you have yet to discover!

These tools will help you become familiar with the arena of social media marketing and set you on the course from progress to success.

In order to thrive in this path you’re on, you have to be clear about what your goals are and what you want others to get out of your site or page. Learn the basics and start strong. Building a solid foundation will hold up the plans you have in mind. Just keep true to what those plans are so you don’t go astray. [more…]