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Why getting to the top of Google is important

Why getting to the top of Google is important

by on June 8, 2019

In the digital world, one of the most powerful search engine tools is Google.

People search and browse different topics, buy stuff online, watch the news, stay connected, and engage, trusting and making decisions based on Google’s results.

Google significantly impacts businesses, so making it on top is everyone’s priority.


Just who is the typical UK YouTuber? Research reveals their influence

by on April 20, 2014

New research from Google profiling UK YouTubers shows they are older, more social and more influential than you might expect

UK YouTube viewers are a highly sociable bunch according to the latest findings from Google-commissioned research. Far from spending all day in their rooms with the curtains drawn, they’re twice as likely to go to the cinema or sporting events than non-YouTube viewers. They’re four times as likely to go to concerts. They’re also older than you’d expect, with 90% of YouTube viewers aged 18 or over and 50% older than 35. Just 10% are aged 13-17, demonstrating that YouTube reaches people across all demographics.

The study was carried out to help brands understand more about the YouTube audience and how best to create relevant content for them.  More research articles from theMarketingblog. [more…]

This Wednesday at the Internet Retailing Conference – Peter Fitzgerald, Google UK

by on October 14, 2013

Ahead of the eighth annual Internet Retailing Conference 2013 (IRC 2013) this Wednesday we’re running a series of previews of the event, focusing on the highlights of the one-day conference.

Today we hear from Peter Fitzgerald, country director at Google.

Retailers must be prepared to make the most of the customer experience at all possible touchpoints in order to succeed in a multichannel era where 72% of the UK population now owns a smartphone and 50% use it to buy, a keynote speaker at this week’s Internet Retailing Conference (IRC 2013) has warned. [more…]

evian, MEC Access, Greenlight, Hotels Sector Report, Zoom Media, Gym TV

by on March 31, 2013

evian® and MEC Access have won the Sponsorship Continuity category of the prestigious Hollis Sponsorship Awards, in recognition of evian®’s sponsorship of The Championships, Wimbledon. [more…]