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Events : New look invite-only iMedia Summit, April 24 at BAFTA is reserved for the advertisers, agencies and media owners with the most clout

by on March 10, 2014

Dan Brain writes .. Conferences. You know the drill, right? You pay an hour or so of Wayne Rooney’s weekly salary to sit in a room of people talking in clichés and flogging their wares on stage or over a cup of insipid coffee in the lobby of a rubbish hotel?

Well that’s not the iMedia Summit experience. This year’s new look invite-only Summit on 24 April at BAFTA is reserved for the advertisers, agencies and media owners with the most clout.

Drawing on the success of the global iMedia format, the Summit provides a space for invited VIP’s to network informally, share ideas through round-table discussions or debate the big issues in the conference. It’s ‘Chatham House’ rules so discussion is open, frank and focused on collaborative learning (plus there’s no chance of getting stitched up in the press by saying something remotely controversial).

Click here to apply for a complimentary pass including the conference, dinner and all social activities.


Are you part of the marketing and media elite? / Message from Ian James, Chairman of the iMedia Digital Summit 2014

by on February 20, 2014

A message from Ian James, Chief Digital Officer, Starcom MediaVest and Chairman of the iMedia Digital Summit 2014:

"The iMedia Summit promises to bring together the brand, agency and publishing elite to debate the most prescient issues faced by the industry in 2014 and network in a relaxed closed-door environment.
We're expecting some lively 'Chatham House' style debate on everything from global media planning and branding to digital transformation and talent infrastructure - a must for senior marketing and media execs in Europe and beyond."
Join the digital marketing elite with a complimentary iMedia Summit VIP pass. With a limited number of tickets, demand is high so please spend two minutes filling out our application form to apply for a VIP ticket