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John Earnshaw

“My 2 teenagers have pretty well stopped using Facebook”, John Earnshaw / Is their perception of the site’s safety a factor?

by on January 12, 2015

An iStrategyLabs report caused quite a ruffle among the Facebook top brass and investors, as it indicated that teens are leaving the ubiquitous social platform. Now, a report from Frank N. Magid Associates Inc. (via Bloomberg) shows that Facebook's popularity among younger users is in serious decline.

According to the study, in 2014, 88% of 13- to 17-year-old social media users in the U.S. were on Facebook — a drop from 94% in 2013 and 95% in 2012.


“He knows how to make words dance on the page to tell a compelling story” / References from just a few of our happy, satisfied users!

by on April 10, 2013

Testimonials : They say word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get - and we agree! Check out these glowing references from just a few of our happy, satisfied users!

TheMarketingblog is fast becoming the must-have and lively platform for the industry to communicate their business developments, successes and consumer issues,” says Hugh Paterson, CEO, Whoosh PR.

“The founder Will Corry is to be congratulated for conveying his insights into the marketing industry in such an engaging manner.”

April 2013


‘Maximise and communicate research insights through video’ / BskyB and Barclays to guest speak at VPI conference 2012

by on April 1, 2012

Vox Pops International have announced their annual conference will be taking place at the  British Film Institute on London’s Southbank. London, 19th April 2012 , 1:30 pm - 4:30pm

Guest speaker ..Roy Hammond, Senior Insight Manager at Barclays. (pictured)