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London Olympics 2012

Danny Boyle reveals The Queen ‘Volunteered’ for James Bond sketch

by on March 24, 2013

The name's Windsor, Lizzy Windsor: The Queen Became A Bond girl for the night

Olympic ceremony guru Danny Boyle has revealed he did not actually ask the Queen to appear in his James Bond sketch - she volunteered.

TV viewers around the world were surprised to see the Queen appearing alongside Daniel Craig in the spoof sequence during the opening celebrations last summer, prior to her arrival in the Olympic Stadium.

And in an interview with ITV's Jonathan Ross Show to be screened tonight, Boyle pointed out he had originally envisaged a lookalike taking part in the film.

The creative director of the London 2012 opening ceremony said: "It was part of the protocol - you have to bring in the Head of State and sing the National Anthem - and we thought we'd (do) something different so we wrote up this idea of the James Bond idea.

Via Huffington Post


“Every event is going to be broadcast live, streamed to the internet and a lot of that is going to end up being shared with friends” / Red Rocket Media

by on July 26, 2012

Ashley Curtis writes ...  Likes, tweets, pins and shares are set to be game changers when it comes to the London Olympics 2012 as more people than ever will interact online during the event.

Olympians and athletics officials are commenting online in real time on social media pages, giving fans a previously unseen look into the way the Games is run and how participants train themselves up for the biggest stage in the world, reports AFP.

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