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Ewan McGregor demanding to know what all the fuss is about – and probably asking himself “how did I get involved in this”

by on April 19, 2015

Stephen Foster in 'More about Advertising' writes

.. BT is embarking on another of its epic series through AMV BBDO, this time showing the ‘behind the scenes reality’ of advertising to plug BT’s sports-focused television service.

This is fraught with hazards as viewers may come to the conclusion that everybody in advertising – and therefore all advertising – is mad.

Here’s the first ad with Ewan McGregor demanding to know what all the fuss is about, consigning footballers Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Robin Van Persie to the sidelines (where the latter spends most of his time anyway). Plus the agency creative team.


Know your customers. Convert new business. Never miss a hot lead

by on April 16, 2015


Watch : O&M London is “tempting take-away consumers” with a touch of humour – Pizza Hut

by on April 15, 2015

Ogilvy & Mather London today unveils a TV campaign for the new ‘Classic Crust’ for Pizza Hut Delivery, the first major advertising campaign since winning the account in November 2014.


Brand Managers : 10 fresh articles you can use in the new ‘Talk to Mums’ newsletter

by on April 15, 2015

Brand Managers : Make sure you check this new 'Talk to Mums' newsletter [more…]

NewVoiceMedia – Research into the efficacy of customer self-service

by on April 15, 2015

New benchmark from Ventana Research to examine the trends and best practices in modern customer service
Ventana Research will assess both the way customers use support channels and the way organisations understand their customers’ needs, and how best to meet them


Two of the best travel PR stunts of the year – Sally Durcan, Hotcow

by on April 13, 2015

How do travel PR stunts help travel companies sell vacations? With the evenings getting lighter and the trees blossoming, it’s safe to say that spring is definitely in the air, which means that summer is just around the corner. And summer means holidays!As travel companies gear up for the holiday season, there is a lot of competition to grab consumer’s attention – and many brands have turned to wacky PR stunts to promote their deals. 

With this in mind, let’s look at two of the best travel PR stunts of the year so far:


Why is the Great British Consumer more willing to splash their cash in shops and online?

by on April 13, 2015

Why are UK consumers feeling so cheerful? Before Easter, consumer confidence figures showed the highest level of optimism recorded for 13 years.

Last year, consumer spending increased at the strongest rate recorded for seven years – since before the financial crisis.

Meanwhile, car registrations in March hit a new high last month – 6pc up on a year ago.


Laughter Spot : “Things you probably didn’t know”

by on April 13, 2015

You can use these "things you probably didn't know" in the pub tonight.

Who were the first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV?  .. It was Fred and Wilma Flintstone

> In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have 'the rule of thumb.'

Thanks to Dewald P. in Perth Western Australia for this one...


#TheToplessTour A powerful photo from #BenMore #Scotland

by on April 4, 2015

#TheToplessTour A powerful photo from #BenMore #Scotland. Thank you @mariam_melody and the photographer @jonnykilpatrick...

Posted by The Topless Tour on Friday, 3 April 2015


Lead generation / Mainline Flatpacks / Google+ / Internet Retailing Expo / Vox Pops International /

by on March 22, 2012


Here is a quick read check of some of our stories in March 2012 ..enjoy.
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