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Google to stop showing ads on right of desktop search results

by on February 23, 2016

A Google spokesperson has now confirmed that the search engine will be dramatically changing the way that desktop users see ads globally.

As a conclusion to long-running tests that started in 2010, Google will be removing text ads from the right side of its desktop search results almost completely, placing ads only at the top or bottom of the page instead. The massive worldwide update is expected to be completed by 22nd February and will be making desktop search results look a lot more like single column results pages currently seen on mobile.


VCCP Media insight : “48 hour turn around sees TV ad airing in London, Meridian and Granada ITV region”

by on February 6, 2016

VCCP Media Uses Real-time Google Data for New Sambucol Campaign

Last night, people watching the ad break between the ITV News and Emmerdale in the London, Meridian and Granada ITV region will have seen the Sambucol (an immunity booster used to combat the common cold and part of the Pharmacare product range) TV ad.
Why? -  because VCCP Media knew they needed a boost to their immune system more than any other regions in the UK right now.


Meet @SynetiqLab at @AdTech_London next week to discuss #neuromarketing #media and #wearables

by on October 10, 2015


adconnection CEO Catherine Becker – asks if the Greek debt crisis provides the ultimate lesson in media negotiation and handling multiple opposing interests…

by on June 27, 2015

"What makes the situation so interesting is that the new Greek leader Alexis Tsipras is having to negotiate when he has previously promised so much to his country, while simultaneously having to stave off bankruptcy"

adconnection is the leading performance media planning and buying agency, and our new blog series shows how media, advertising and marketing learnings can be found in the news every day, if you know where to look. CEO Catherine Becker, asks if the Greek debt crisis provides the ultimate lesson in media negotiation and handling multiple opposing interests...


Fulfilment & e.logistics and m.logistics magazines bought by InternetRetailing Media

by on April 17, 2015

InternetRetailing Media has bought two specialist logistics magazines to boost a publishing portfolio that focuses on multichannel retailing and related industries.


How Asda is changing the message for mobile advertising

by on April 15, 2015

Asda has launched the world’s first Rich Ad Messaging campaign.

Engaging their Easter audience via a scrolling ad message on their mobile devices whilst they browse the web and apps, the campaign then combines this mass broadcast execution with the high impact value of Rich Media engagement. [more…]

Video : Tweet, Facebook, Pin it, Instagram… how do your customers engage with your brand?

by on February 6, 2013

Andy Thompson of Vox Pops International writes We'll be filming and interviewing consumers to find out how they're following, connecting and liking your brand...? Watch the video

We're offering a 5 minute video, featuring your social network sites + your own question(s)