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Young football fans shunning TV in favour of online for footy info

Young football fans shunning TV in favour of online for footy info

by on December 21, 2018

On what is traditionally the biggest day for football TV viewing figures, younger generations of fans this Boxing Day will turn to online instead of TV to get their fix of footy info, research by Statista finds.

88% of 18–24-year-old football fans will go online this Boxing Day to check scores and read match reports, while only 63% will turn on the TV, 25% will read news in print, 18% will get their info from the radio and 40% will get information from other sources.

Statista’s European Football Benchmark report


New Websites : Welcome to the new look eSeller – the living eBook!

New Websites : Welcome to the new look eSeller – the living eBook!

by on April 25, 2016

The team at eSeller write ...

eSeller has always been your guide to setting up and running an e-commerce business, but now we are getting even more into it, creating a living book that offers all you need to know about starting, promoting, merchandising, delivering, CRM and expanding an eTail business.

Being a ‘living eBook’, the content in each of these will be added to, will grow and evolve over time with regular updates and additions so the information you get is not only helpful, but bang up to date.


What’s new at IRX 2014?

by on November 3, 2013

IRX/IRDX Top 500 Lounge

The Top 500 Lounge is expected to become the meeting place for the Retailing Community. It enables retailers to meet, network and conduct important business meetings in a professional but relaxed atmosphere.


Four easy tips for getting more marketing mileage from your site search solution – Marcus Law, SLI Systems

by on October 18, 2013

By Marcus Law, Marketing Manager EMEA SLI-Systems

Search has become such an automatic part of our online experience, it’s no surprise how often we rely on search engines and site search to get through the day. Google handles about 100 billion searches every month, so every one of us Google users is likely responsible for at least a couple dozen of them daily.

Site search has become a must-have element for online businesses of any size. Without the ability to quickly search your site for content or products, impatient online visitors will leave abruptly and may never return.

For more information about SLI Systems, visit [more…]

Tim Bettley joins Morrisons to launch a family clothing brand called Nutmeg

by on November 4, 2012

Morrisons is expected to confirm this week alongside a third quarter trading update that it will launch a family clothing brand called Nutmeg next Easter.

Morrisons is the last of the major supermarket groups to launch its own clothing brand, a part of the industry that has thrived following George Davies' launch of George at Asda in the 1990s.

The supermarket group has hired former Peacocks managing director Tim Bettley to become its director of clothing and is building an internal buying, merchandising, and design team of about 50 staff. [more…]